Nejat Orhon

Who is Nejat Orhan?

Nejat Orhan, who painted the silence of the steppe, became famous as the “Snow painter” due to his winter paintings. The life story of Nejat Orhan, who has oil and watercolor works, is as follows;
The artist graduated from Ankara Gazi Education Institute Painting Department and completed his undergraduate degree at Anadolu University Painting Department. Working as a teacher in various regions of Anatolia since 1979, Orhan reflected the idyllic views specific to these regions in his paintings. Starting from 1985, he opened more than fifty group exhibitions and 17 personal exhibitions. In 2006, he took part in the project “Pictured Turkey on the 125th Anniversary of Atatürk’s Birth” and illustrated Sinop. The artist works in watercolor and oil paint.
Orhan expressed his understanding of art as follows: “The beauties of the countryside, the silence of the steppe, deserted and quiet villages, treeless areas as far as your eyes can see and a few trees in them, small village houses and lonely people in them… These have always impressed me. “I tried to collect these in my mind as much as I could and reflect them in my paintings.” Nejat Orhan, who especially prefers winter landscapes and snowflakes in the silence of the steppe, and was even called the ‘snow painter’ for a while, said: “Of course, besides these dark winter paintings, there are also flavors of other seasons. Both spring and summer can be seen in my paintings.” made the statement.

Personal Exhibitions
1986 Nil Art Gallery, Mersin
1987 Fine Arts Gallery, Mersin
2000 Impressions I. TCDD Art Gallery, Ankara
2000 Impressions II. National Lottery Art Gallery, Ankara
2001 Büyük Anadolu Hotel Black Kalem Art Gallery, Ankara
2001 Akbük Municipality Picture Gallery, Didim/Aydın
2002 Architect Arif Hikmet KOYUNOĞLU Gallery, Ankara
2002 Ankara State Painting and Sculpture Museum Fine Arts Gallery
2004 Ak Art Gallery, Ankara
2004 Izmir Ataturk Provincial Library Exhibition Hall
2004 AKM Istanbul State Fine Arts Gallery
2006 Sinop State Fine Arts Gallery (T.R. Ministry of Culture, Türkiye Illustrating Project)
2007 Breezes from the Land of the Moon God, Ankara City Club Exhibition Hall
2008 Ankara City Club Exhibition Hall
2012 Magical Brush Art Gallery, Ankara
2014 Antalya Museum Art Gallery
2014 Contemporary Arts A Gallery, Ankara
2015 Vakıfbank Art Gallery, Ankara
2016 Anküsev Art Gallery, Ankara
2017 Green Park Bostancı Art Gallery, Istanbul
2018 Ata Art Gallery, Ankara
2018 Kozyatağı Cultural Center, Istanbul
2018 BKM, Bursa
2019 Tayyare Cultural Center, Bursa

International Exhibitions and Workshops;
2004 International Peace Through Painting Festival, Çeşme
2013 International Watercolor Festival,
2013 Didim Peace Festival, Aydin
2016 Altınköy Workshop, Ankara
2016 Amsterdam Watercolor Exhibition, Netherlands
2017 Vezirköprü International Painting Workshop, Samsun
2017 Deventer Watercolor Exhibition, Netherlands
2017 Russian Friendship Foundation International Sufiart Workshop, Hamamönü/Ankara

Important Group Exhibitions Participated in;
1985 Nil Art Gallery, Mersin
1998 AKM Art Gallery, Ankara
1998 Fedo Art Gallery, Ankara
2001 Ankara State Painting and Sculpture Museum Fine Arts Gallery
2001 Göreme Tourism Development Coop. Art Gallery,Nevşehir
2001 Kavaklıdere Art Gallery, Ankara
2002 Dedeman Hotel Ankara Painters Association Exhibition
2003 TCDD Art Gallery, Ankara
2003 Contemporary Arts Center, Ankara
2006 TBMM Exhibition Hall, Ankara
2010 Antares Exhibition Hall, Ankara
2014 Mustafa Ayaz Museum, Ankara
2015 Yorum Art Gallery, Istanbul
2015 Yunus Emre Cultural Center, Istanbul

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