The Goddess Shahmeran Painting Exhibition, prepared by painter Melike Yaşa, will open on Thursday, November 16, at 11:00 in the Municipality Square.

In the work where the Goddess Shahmeran series is transformed from miniature art to classical painting, revealing the strong female values in our culture, a total of 23 works will be presented to art lovers with the support of Nazilli Municipality.

Stating that the Goddess Shahmeran series he created has been exhibited in many cities and districts and that he aims to ensure that our own cultural structure remains in memory through visual perception, Ressam Yaşa said; “Light in the Dead End, First Encounter, Potion Mist, Transition to Another Dimension, Garden of Eden, Crossing the Boundaries, Infinity, Love Me First and Heal Me, Healer I and II, Wise, Yakaza, The Dream in Göbekli Tepe, Intuition, Chill of the Soul, Waiting, Faith The exhibition, which includes my works such as Betrayal and Capture, Life and Death, Transfiguration, Lokman Hekim, Flower of Immortality, contains great excitement and effort for me. I was born in Nazilli. Therefore, it is a great pride for me that my exhibition is opening in this city. I would also like to thank our Mayor of Nazilli, Mr. Kürşat Engin Özcan, and his valuable team for their unwavering support during this process. "I invite all the people of Nazilli to our exhibition," he said.

Goddess Shahmeran Painting Exhibition will be open to visitors at the Lütfi Selek Cultural Center Exhibition Hall between 18-24 November.