Mürşide İçmeli

Who is Mürşide İçmeli (1930 Istanbul -2014 Ankara)

He opened more than forty personal exhibitions; He is an artist who has exhibited his engravings in 24 international biennials and whose works have been awarded many awards. His art was influenced by the Hittite, Seljuk and archaic civilizations in Anatolia. He worked as a faculty member at Gazi Education Institute and Bilkent University Graphics Department.

He was born in Istanbul in 1930. She started her painting studies in 1947 at the Istanbul Çapa Girls’ Primary School painting seminar. After the seminar closed at the end of the year, she continued her education at Bursa and Konya Primary Schools for Girls. She graduated from the Painting Department of Ankara Gazi Education Institute, which she entered with an aptitude test in 1950, as an art teacher in 1953.

After working as an art teacher at Afyon High School for a while, she entered Ankara Gazi Education Institute as a graphic assistant in 1959. He went to Madrid in 1960 with a government scholarship to do research, analysis and specialization in original printmaking. He attended the engraving workshop of the Madrid Academy of Fine Arts and the lithography workshop of the National School of Fine Arts.

One year after returning home, in 1962, she was sent to London to study graphic arts. She majored in Illustration at the Graphic Arts Department of Central School Art and Design. When he returned home in 1965, he started working as a Graphic Arts Teacher in the Painting and Crafts Department of Gazi Education Institute. Mürşide İçmeli, who continued in this position until 1986, held her first personal exhibition in 1976.

Immediately after receiving the title of proficiency in art, which is equivalent to a doctorate, in 1985, he started working as a professor at Bilkent University Faculty of Fine Arts as a lecturer in the Graphics Department in 1986. The artist, who received many awards and was also a member of the selection committee of the State Painting and Sculpture Exhibitions, retired in 1995 at his own request.
While continuing his work in his own private workshop since his retirement, he died in Ankara on Wednesday, December 10, 2014, leaving behind hundreds of works of art.

1961 Madrid School of Graphic Arts Lito Workshop, First Prize, Spain
1973 34th State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Achievement Award
1979 40th State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Award, Ankara
1980 Zone of Peace and Solidarity Among the Balkan Peoples Exhibition, Graphic Award, Bucharest, Romania
1981 42nd State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Achievement Award, Ankara.
1982 16th DYO Painting Competition, Award.
1984 II. Viking Paper and Cellulose Inc. Award-Winning Print Painting Exhibition, Award, Izmir
1984 15th Alexandria Biennial, Second Prize, Egypt
1985 III. Viking Paper and Cellulose Inc. Award-Winning Printmaking Exhibition, Achievement Award, Izmir.
1990 51st State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Original Print Painting Exhibition, First Prize, Ankara.
1991 Art Association, Most Successful Graphic Artist of the Year Award, Ankara.
1998 Unesco AIAP Turkish National Committee, 50th Anniversary Service Award, Istanbul
2005 Contemporary Arts Foundation (ÇAĞSAV) Honorary Award with Eczacıbaşı Group

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