Murat Yılmaz

Who is Murat Yılmaz? (1966-)

He was born in Ankara in 1966. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Ankara. After graduating from Gazi University, Department of Art Education in 1987, he worked as an art teacher in various schools affiliated with the Ministry of National Education. Between 2001 and 2018, he worked as a lecturer at Gazi University Beypazarı T.B.M.Y.O Jewelery and Jewelry Design Department. He continued his academic duty at Hacı Bayram Veli University Visual Arts Department between 2019-2023. He worked as coordinators in national projects. Apart from the domestic and international exhibitions he attended, he wrote international books in the field of “Art and Design”.

Artistic Perspective
Yılmaz created lasting effects on the audience with his works by focusing on the subjective nature of art. She produces works based on body positivity, acceptance or criticism. She uses chubby figures in the context of body positivity to challenge beauty standards other than the “ideal” figures imposed by society. Subjects such as audience, exclusion, identity, humor and irony, equality and representation are the subjects he deals with in his works.
Yılmaz continues his work as a painter and writer.

·Anatolian Visual Arts (AGSAD) Association 10th Anniversary Establishment Exhibition. Group Exhibition. (16-21 April 2024)
·Art Ankara 10th International Contemporary Art Fair. (March 7-10, 2024)
·Contemporary Arts Center Exhibition Hall. International Exhibition Participation. Ankara. (2021)
·Contemporary Arts Center Exhibition Hall International Exhibition Curator. (2021)
·United Painters Club Group Exhibition Ankara 30.11.2018
·Contemporary Arts Center Exhibition Hall. 40th Year in Art Group Painting Exhibition. A composite exhibition
(Ankara.18 April 2018)
·Gazi University Gazi Artist Academicians Group Exhibition. Painting and Sculpture Museum Exhibition
Hall. A composite exhibition. Ankara ( 24.11.2017 / 08.12.2017 )
·International, EXHIBITIONS/Group exhibitions /, 16.06.2015-30.06.2015, International Türkiye-Iran
Culture and Art Activities, Contemporary Arts Center, Ankara
·1st International Turkish-Iranian Cultural and Art Events. Group Exhibition / Curator. ( Ankara Contemporary Arts Center. 16 06 2015 / 30. 06.2015 )
·1st International, EXHIBITIONS/Art Symposiums /, 05.11.2015-07.11.2015, Gazi University Faculty of Art and Design 2nd International Art Symposium, Gazi University Faculty of Art and Design, Ankara
·Akdeniz University Group Exhibition, Olbia Art Gallery, 05.10.2015.Antalya.
·2nd International, EXHIBITIONS/International Exhibitions /, 05.10.2015-10.10.2015, Florida Atlantic
University 'Breezes from Anatolia', Akdeniz University, America
·3rd National, EXHIBITIONS/, 09.03.2015-13.03.2015, Gazi University Faculty of Art and Design 8
March International Women's Day Group Painting Exhibition. Ankara
·8 March International Women's Day Group Exhibition, Gazi University Faculty of Art and Design Exhibition
Hall, Ankara
·Painting and Sculpture Museum Group Painting Exhibition. A composite exhibition. Sculpture (Ankara - 2014)
·Contemporary Arts Exhibition Hall Group Painting Exhibition. A composite exhibition. (Ankara - 2013 )
·Contemporary Arts Exhibition Hall group art exhibition. A composite exhibition. (Ankara – 2012)
·Personal Exhibition. Acropolis Painting Exhibition Hall Painting Exhibition. Ankara - 2003
·Participation in the Painting and Sculpture Museum State Painting Competition. A composite exhibition. Ankara - 2000.
·Personal Exhibition. Gallery NN Painting Exhibition Hall. Ankara -1993
·Pertol Office Painting Competition and Group Exhibition Adana - 1998
·Oyak Art Competition and Group Exhibition. Adana – 1998

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