Muhammet Aliyev

Who is Muhammet Aliyev?

The artistic background of internationally qualified painter Muhammet Aliyev is as follows;

He was born in Baku in 1952. He completed his secondary education in Baku between 1958 and 1968. 1968 – 1973 Azim graduated from Azimzade High School of Painting. M. Aliyev graduated from the Ceramics department of St.Petersburg A.I.Muhina Academy between 1978 and 1983.

Painter Aliyev, 1983 Diploma works were exhibited in the University museum. He also took part in many exhibitions in the Soviet Union and Azerbaijan. He taught at Baku Painting High School from 1983 to 1986. 1985 His work “My Homeland” was purchased by the Moscow Oriental Museum. 1985 St. He opened his first personal exhibition in St. Petersburg.

1985 Became a member of the Union of Painters of the Soviet Union. 1986 – 1989 He was a lecturer at Azerbaijan State Education University. 1987 – 88 – 99 His compositions named “Lovers”, “Bride and Groom” and “Agustina” were taken to the Baku Decorative Arts Museum. 1990 His work titled “Seclusion” was purchased by the Sumgait Museum and his composition titled “Family” was included in the exhibition in Faenza, Italy. 1991 His work “Beloveds” was published in St. It was purchased by the St. Petersburg Ethnographic Museum. 1993-1994 His works were exhibited in group exhibitions in the USA, England, Austria, France and Germany.

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