The Wall Art Gallery welcomes the new art season with a group exhibition titled "Moving Character". The exhibition takes its name from the similarity between the story characters that transform with their experiences and the characters that constantly appear in different states and forms in the artists' practice. In the exhibition curated by İpek Yeğinsü, Ahmet Aydın Atmaca, Alp İşmen, Başak Doğan Kademoğlu, Baysan Yüksel, Evren Erol, Hemad Javadzade, İlsu Aslan, Khayyam Zidane, Leyla Pekmen, Pınar Birim, Samuel Zealey and Suzan Batu, from painting to ceramics, His works include different techniques ranging from sculpture to textiles.

Curator Text
The “dynamic character” transforms from the beginning to the end of a story under the influence of his experiences. He adopts new values, acquires new perspectives and never stands still. The change he undergoes also inspires the reader who identifies with him; Because each of us desires the excitement of development as well as the security that stability provides. After all, aren't our biggest dilemmas based on the tension between our habits and the dreams that force us to give them up? In the exhibition, we encounter characters that recur from time to time in each artist's practice but never remain the same. The situations they are in, and even the forms they take, change constantly; Despite everything, the viewer will sense that they are always the same person. That dynamic character who becomes alienated from himself throughout his adventure, perhaps voluntarily loses himself and finds himself again and again, is the artist himself.