Kürşat Bayraklı

Who is Kürşat Bayraklı? (1977-)

He was born in 1977 in Suşehri, Sivas. Since his childhood, his interest in painting was discovered and supported by his teachers. He graduated from Suşehri High School in 1995. He moved to Istanbul in 1999. With his passion for painting, he started to receive academic education by entering Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts in 2000. He had to leave school due to economic difficulties. Deciding to make painting the focus of his life, he left his job in the private sector and started working more on painting. Also, to deepen in the field of painting; He received training from the workshops of Mimar Sinan University faculty member Sinan Yıldırım and sculptor / painter Nilüfer Pekcan. The works of the artist, whose works are owned by many reputable collectors, are offered for sale in various online auctions. The artist participated in many group exhibitions and workshops; He continues his work in his own workshop in Levent, Istanbul.

Artistic Perspective
As an artist, he likes to produce works that reflect his own mood. He creates his works under the influence of impressionist and surrealist movements. He continues to produce figured abstract, abstract, hyperrealistic and other works in different styles.

- 2023 Artcontact Istanbul 3rd Contemporary Art Fair
- 2022 New York and Athens Fairs
- 2021 Pinelo Art Gallery National University Of Kyiev-Mohyla Academy
- 2021 Next Gallery – Istanbul
- 2021 Lavisioneart Gallery - Istanbul
- 2020 Nişart gallery (Bodrum Trafo)
- 2019 Nisart Gallery – Istanbul
- 2019 Nisart Gallery - Istanbul

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