The opening ceremony held at the historical Şani Efendi's House Art Gallery in Prizren, in cooperation with the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and the International Awakening with Art Association, was attended by Fikrim Damka, Chairman of the Kosovo Democratic Turkish Party (KDTP) and Minister of Regional Development, Turkey. Pristina Ambassador Sabri Tunç Angılı, Turkey's Prizren Consul General Celal Doğan, Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) Kosovo Coordinator Ramazan Yılmaz and many art lovers attended.

"Such works are the most important proof that the Turkish community will always exist in Kosovo."
KDTP Chairman and Regional Development Minister Damka, in his speech at the opening, stated that he was happy to take part in the event and thanked TIKA for their support.

Damka said, "Our presence in Kosovo stands out not only with our language and education, but also with our art and culture." he said.
Ambassador Angılı emphasized that Turkey will always continue to support painters in Kosovo.

Stating that art has an important role in affecting the society, Angılı said, "It is very important that the exhibition comes during the census period, because what is important here is that the Turks add strength to the power of Kosovo. Such works and exhibitions are the values ​​that you add to this society, and they will also contribute to every part of the Turkish community in Kosovo in the future." "Time is the most important proof that it will exist." made his assessment.

Ethem Baymak, President of the International Waking Up with Art Association, said: "Kosovo painting art has always existed in these lands and will continue to exist." said.

The exhibition can be visited until April 16.