Kayhan Aybatlı

Who is Kayhan Aybatlı?

Kayhan Aybatlı, who skillfully uses pastel paint as well as oil paint in his paintings, is an artist who has opened 21 personal exhibitions to date. Kayhan Aybatlı’s short life story is as follows;
He was born in Yerköy in 1959. He graduated from Kuleli Military High School in 1977 and the Military Academy in 1981. Aybatlı, one of the traditional followers of impressionism, has a comfortable brush and a colorist approach.

In addition to oil paint, he also skillfully uses pastel paint in his paintings. The artist, who has works in many official and private collections at home and abroad, has opened 21 personal exhibitions so far and participated in many group exhibitions.

He was awarded the first prize twice in painting competitions organized by Oyak. The artist, who is also a member of the United Painters and Sculptors Association, took part in the catalog titled “Istanbul from the Painters’ Brush” published by the Ministry of Culture in 1995, and in the “Turkey Illustrated” and “Stations” projects organized by the Ministry of Culture in 2006. He continues his work in his own workshop in Ankara, where he settled after his retirement.

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