The exhibition consisting of 30 works of Diyarbakırlı Tahsin Bey, one of the pioneers of marine painting, remaining in the family collection of Gallery Selvin, most of them poşad, is getting ready to meet art lovers.

A selection of the works of Diyarbakırlı Tahsin Bey, who has a pioneering and important place among marine painters in Turkish painting, will be opened to visitors at Gallery Selvin on April 24. The exhibition, which consists of approximately 30 works, most of which are pochades, remaining in Gallery Selvin's family collection, is the first solo exhibition of Diyarbakırlı Tahsin Bey, opened years after his death in 1937... The exhibition is accompanied by an important work prepared by Art Historian Ömer Faruk Şerifoğlu, based on information and documents about the painter. It is also accompanied by a reference book containing his works.

Born in 1874, the painter received his primary education in Diyarbakır, and then, during his education at the Military Junior High School, he started his first painting experiments with pencil and watercolor works. He went to Kuleli Military High School; In this way, he had the opportunity to study the beauties of the Bosphorus and the ships in constant motion. Tahsin Bey was also impressed by Ayvazovski, who came to Istanbul upon Abdülaziz's call.

He continued to take outside painting classes for a while at the Sanayi-i Nefise Mektebi, which was opened by Osman Hamdi Bey in 1902, and was promoted to the rank of captain in 1906 and major in 1914. Hodja Ali Rıza Bey, who continued teaching at the Military Academy and Kuleli Military High School until his retirement, was one of those who encouraged Tahsin Bey to paint. While his paintings named "Naval Battle of Çanakkale", "The Sinking of the Battleship Majestic" and "The Sinking of Bouvet in Çanakkale" were in the Collection of the Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum, they were transferred to the Istanbul Naval Museum in 1963 and 1966. Sultan Sultan II. These three works, which were presented to Abdulhamid and awarded, are considered among the works that immortalize the visual memory of the Çanakkale Naval Wars. The Vienna Exhibition, which opened in 1918, which is recorded as the first international exhibition of Turkish painting in our art history, included works titled "The Sinking of the French Cruiser Bouvet in Front of Çanakkale", "Barbaros and Turgut Reis", "Japanese Naval Battle", as well as three studies of the Virgin Mary. He participated with seven works, including:

The painting exhibition consisting of the works of Tahsin from Diyarbakır, who has a pioneering and important place among marine painters in Turkey, can be visited at Arnavutköy Gallery Selvin until May 18.