Musician Erol Evgin and painter Devrim Erbil crowned their 60-year friendship, which started with a teacher-student relationship, with the painting exhibition they opened together called "Yan Yana". The exhibition can be visited until March 16.

Erol Evgin and Devrim Erbil opened the exhibition "Side by Side" together. The exhibition, curated by İbrahim Karaoğlu, opened at Çayyolu Gallery Soyut and tells about the reflection of space on painting, can be visited until March 16. In his statement, Erol Evgin said that he studied architecture at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and that Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu, Cemal Tollu, Neşet Günal, Özdemir Altan and Devrim Erbil were his painting teachers.

Stating that he is closely interested in the art of painting and makes paintings that include spatial studies, Evgin said, "I always watched Devrim Hodja with great admiration, both at the academy and after that. A few years ago, when Devrim Hodja proposed a painting exhibition, I thought he was joking. 'Let's open an exhibition together.' ' " he said. Of course I accepted." he said.

Evgin stated that his teacher Devrim Erbil's paintings are world-class and well-known abroad and said, "Devrim Erbil is a living legend. I worked with printing techniques in his workshop. He also has a structure that embraces people very much. This is very valuable to me." ." " he said.." he said.

Joint exhibition from Erol Evgin and Devrim Erbil: Side by Side - 1
Pointing out the importance of parallels between arts, Evgin said, "I found my way with pop music by drawing intellectual lines from architecture to music. Architecture is a branch of art that constantly examines cause and effect relationships. In architecture, you always ask the question why, why every point you put has a reason. Painting, sculpture and Calligraphy nourished me." said.

Evgin stated that he was very excited about the exhibition he attended with his 30 years of work.


Painter Devrim Erbil, winner of the Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Prize, also pointed out the importance of the teacher-student relationship in painting education and said that for years, educators at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University have been teaching with their students in brotherhood and friendship. Erbil said, "We came together with Erol in such an environment. Our teacher-student relationship has now turned into art friendship. All I say is beyond these concepts. Erol and I are like brother and sister. We shared life. It is very nice to be together in Ankara. Maybe one day we will sign together." "We can also paint, but we can't sing together." he said.

Stating that he appreciated Erol Evgin's painting talent and suggested the joint exhibition, Erbil said, "He continued painting during and after his student years. I organized such an exhibition with pleasure because I loved him very much and his artistic value was high." said. Devrim Erbil noted that they could move the exhibition to Istanbul and abroad in the future.

Joint exhibition from Erol Evgin and Devrim Erbil: Side by Side - 2

Erbil stated that although it is not like when they were young, there are still serious gaps in terms of art in Turkey and continued his words as follows:

"There was a big cultural gap, it still hasn't been filled. In order for the profession to spread and take root, it needs to have an audience. There is a faculty of fine arts in Bodrum. Very talented children come. Life is expensive, studying is expensive. Nobody knows how to live. If people do not have a habit of collecting, that city "There is no development of art. These children start working as waiters in luxury hotels with their master's degrees. When you come up with the name of art, if you do not have power and support, art alone is a terrible field. There must be collectors, there must be galleries. Art must be widespread."


Stating that all arts have something in common and that they reach people, Erbil said, "The important thing is to be able to touch people. That is what I feel in Erol's music. It enters people's hearts without even realizing it." he said.

Erol Evgin said, "I'm thinking of inviting my teacher to the stage at a concert and having him sing a song.