Jale Yasan

Who is Jale Yasan (1911-1994)

He started painting in 1956. His first teacher was Painter Şeref Akdik. Later, he attended the Zeki Faik İzer Workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts.

In 1959, she participated in the State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition and the Club International Feminin Exhibition held at the Musée d’art moderne in Paris. Between 1959 and 1967, he gave Yasan Portrait Awards to encourage the students of the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts.
He opened his first personal exhibition at the Ankara Art Lovers Club in 1961, and his second personal exhibition at the Istanbul City Gallery in the same year. Continuing his work uninterruptedly, the artist held his third personal exhibition at the Taksim Art Gallery in 1967, and in the following years, he participated in the voyage of the Ankara Ferry to the Mediterranean Ports with 70 paintings and exhibited them in many port cities of Europe.
Her works were included in the Clermont-Fernard and Vichy biennials and the Istanbul Archaeological Museums exhibition of the International Association of United Women Artists and Culture (UFACSI) in 1976, and in the Belgian Exhibition of this association in the same year, and in the Ankara and Istanbul exhibitions of Turkish and French Artists in 1977. The artist participated in the Vienna and Rome exhibitions of the Society of Painters in 1978.

The personal exhibition he opened at Moda Cumalı Art Gallery in 1973 attracted great attention. The artist, who is also a well-known collector, exhibited this collection at Darüşşafaka Art Gallery in 1974 and at Taksim Art Gallery in 1980.

She donated the income from the exhibition she opened for the benefit of the Association for the Protection of Disabled People in 1981 to the same association. In 1983, she continued her personal exhibitions at Akbank Bebek Art Gallery and Bodrum Halikarnas Motel. She died in Istanbul in 1994.

She is one of the founders of the International Women's Party, which was closed down during the September 12 Coup.

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