İzzet Ziya

Who is İzzet Ziya? (1883-1934)

İzzet Ziya is a Turkish painter known for his academic oil portraits and figural compositions with a focus on peinture.
İzzet Ziya, the son of Tripoli Customs Minister Turnazade Ziya Bey from the Sublime Porte circle, was born on 12 November 1883 in Istanbul. He received his primary education at Benghazi Frerler School, and then started attending Sanayi-i Nefise School in 1897. He became a student of Salvator Valeri and Joseph Warnia Zarzecki during the directorship of Osman Hamdi Bey.
In 1903, he graduated from Sanayi-i Nefise with first place and went to Paris. In Paris, he met Galip Bahtiyar, one of the Young Turks. Galip Bey, who also taught Mihri (Müşfik) Hanım, took an important place in İzzet Ziya’s education.
After returning from Paris to Istanbul, he was appointed as Mabeyn Clerk in the Ottoman Palace. After the palace painter Fausto Zonaro left Istanbul due to the Tripoli War, he was appointed as the palace painter upon the suggestion of the palace architect Vedat Bey (Tek).
However, the Palace’s investment in art was interrupted due to successive wars such as the Tripoli War, the Balkan Wars and then World War I. After the Portrait of Selim III, which was in the French summer embassy in Tarabya, was destroyed by a fire in the embassy, ​​Sultan Reşat ordered the Portrait of Selim III from İzzet Ziya to present to the French. Izzet Ziya and his portrait were praised in publications of the period such as the Ottoman Painters Society Newspaper and Şehbal, which was a highly appreciated portrait.
Because of this portrait, Ziya was awarded the first degree education medal by the French government and a letter of gratitude was written to the Ottoman government.
He died in his home in Rumelihisarı in 1934. His paintings are found in many private collections.

Artistic Perspective;
He is known for his oil portraits with an academic approach and figural compositions with a focus on peinture. He made illustrations for historical articles and stories on magazine covers.
He drew the works of short stories and novelists such as Cahit Uçuk, Edhem İzzet Benice, Ömer Rıza Doğrul, Mahmud Yesari, Sadri Ertem, Samizade Süreyya Erdoğan, Sezai Şadi. İzzet Ziya, who was impressed by L.Sabattier and Sem's understanding of drawing, whom he met thanks to Galip Bey during his years in Paris, made many cartoons, but did not sign some of them.
Her first cartoons were published in "Kalem", she worked in "Resimli Gazete" for a while, and later she made drawings about Istanbul women in "Yeni Kitap". He also painted a portrait of the artist's contemporary, the cartoonist Cemil Cem Bey.
Izzet Ziya, who drew attention with his focus on the nude figure in the first period of Turkish painting when we did not encounter the figure much, participated in the Galatasaray Exhibitions between 1916 and 1922.
Participated in Galatasaray Exhibitions
1916 With the works “On the Rocks”, “Inside the Sandal”, “An Etude”, “Sun Bath”,
1917 “The Sandal Washer”, “Pendik Beach in July”, “Summer Sea”, “Is This How You Will Draw”, “Sea Time”, “Contemplation”, “Train”, “Elem-i Aşk”, “On the Rocks”, “The Wave” With works titled "
1919 With the works "Portrait of a Lady" and "On the Beach",
1920 With works titled “Time Surprise”, “In the Shadow of the Cliff”, “A Woman's Head”, “In the Sun”, “Dream”,
1921 With the works "Eşber-i Reading" and "July Sun"
1922 “A Piece of Florida”, “Child on the Beach”, “On Pavli Island”, “Beach at the Outer Lighthouse”, “On the Rock”, “A Sketch from İbn-i Mevsi”, “On the Kotra's Boat”, “The Fisherman's Child” with his works[1]
First degree education medal of the French government

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