İrfan Seçkin

Who is İrfan Seçkin?

İrfan, who made a name for himself in the art world with his first solo exhibition titled “As Long as I Remember”, offers original products mainly to the Out-Door market. Here is a short section from İrfan Seçkin’s artistic life;

Born in KahramanMaraş in 1944, İrfan Seçkin completed his primary, secondary and high school education and then studied at Istanbul University. and Tic. He graduated from the Academy of Sciences.

He continued his signboard and painting work, which he started as an apprentice in 1966, when he was a child, while he was studying at university in Istanbul. Super Rek., which he opened in his own name. See. Stone. He made a well-deserved reputation by offering unique products to the Out-Door market in his workshop. Seçkin, who handed over the commercial part of his workshop to his son in 2001, devoted himself entirely to painting. He contributed to important collections at home and abroad.
The artist held his first personal painting exhibition, titled “WHEN I REMEMBER”, on April 2, 2010.

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