İmzasız Ressam (Unsigned Painter)

"Who is the Unsigned Painter?

First and foremost, he is an Anatolian, conscious of living above a great treasure, aiming to root, nourish, and produce works in this richness. Unsigned, yet leaving his mark as the "unsigned Painter", he leaves his audience alone with an inquiry at first glance. Adopting an asymmetrical line with pleasure in his paintings, it can also be said that lighting the warning lamp of the brain is another point to be questioned. Just when he leaves the viewer in these inquiries, he emphasizes the feeling he wants to convey with colors. Sometimes, like the Impressionists, he paints what he sees on the street, in cafes, or in a bar, sometimes by the seaside. With a pen in his pocket, a small notebook, sometimes watercolor or Guaj paint...

Education: The painter, who dropped out of Gazi University Industrial Arts Education Faculty, later completed his education by working and studying externally."

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