İbrahim Tayfur

Who is İbrahim Tayfur?

If we need to evaluate the understanding of art of İbrahim Tayfur, who draws from daily life and associates his works with universal concepts such as speed, time, life, love, affection;
He was born in Adana in 1971. He graduated from Hacettepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting.
He opened eight personal exhibitions. He participated in many group exhibitions and events. His works are in private collections both at home and abroad.
He bases his works on daily life; associates it with universal concepts such as speed, time, life, love, affection. The conspicuous elements in the underlying structure in terms of pattern, the line, graphic expression and figure that stand out with a semi-abstract language, are in a monochrome structure.
All of these elements reveal themselves to the viewer at first glance, but they do not stand out individually. The main target that Tayfur aims to portray has no direct relationship with these elements. These elements are indirect but necessary building blocks of the “theme” that Tayfur actually wants to portray. There is a movement that these elements create on the canvas with certain repetitions, following a variable asymmetrical distribution, mainly linear and with partial color spots here and there. These non-holistic linear repetitions create a rhythmic order. An infrastructure that is defined by the lines in the background but produces mobility has been created, and despite the unequal, asymmetrical but balanced linear forms, a rhythmic order draws the viewer towards the enthusiastic, exciting center of the “speed, time, life” chaos that is intended to be shown. In Tayfur’s 

paintings, the rhythm that dominates the entire canvas overrides first the line, then the graphic expression and figures, then the partially used color, without overpowering all of these elements. All the building blocks that the viewer notices and sees at first glance serve to create this impressive rhythm that carries the picture. While Tayfur draws our attention to this unique city, which is rapidly being destroyed by the lifestyles of today's society, its values, its enthusiasm, and what it carries from the past to the present, with the tools of painting (line, form, stain, pattern, color, arrangement), the sensitivity of the artist as an individual who lives in this city. With its responsibility, by successfully using its original and competent painting language, it also creates a "visual tribute" to this city in its own way.


2018 Girgin Art Gallery (Speed-Time-Life/Istanbul)
2017 Art Gallery Maksut Varol "Istanbul Istanbul"
2016 My Gallery Art Gallery “Breezes from Istanbul” – Ankara
2016 Gallery Eksen Balat ”Balat Streets” -Istanbul
2014 Erva Art Gallery - Istanbul 2012 My Gallery Art Gallery - Ankara
2010 Valör Painting Gallery –Ankara 2009 RC Art Gallery Bilkent Art Street –Ankara
2009 Arkiköy Art House Hasanoğlan-Ankara


2017 Summer Group Exhibition Art Gallery Maksut Varol-Istanbul
2016 Istanbul Art Fair Gallery Eksen-Istanbul
2016 Selections from the Masters II Mixed Artwork Gallery-Istanbul
2015 Balatta Art is Different Eksen Gallery-Istanbul
2015 Group Exhibition Erva Art Gallery-Istanbul
2014 1st Ankara Art Meeting – Ankara
2014 Group Exhibition İdil Gallery-Istanbul
2013 Istanbul Art Fair with Galerim Art Gallery, Tüyap-Istanbul
2013 Winter Mixed Hobby Art Gallery – Istanbul
2013 Group Exhibition Eksen Gallery-Istanbul
2012 Masters and Rising Group exhibition Türker Art-İstanbul
2012 Summer Mix Sevgi Art Gallery-Ankara
2012 ” Güldeste 8” Helikon Art Gallery-Ankara
2011-2012 New Year Mix Media Art Gallery-Ankara
2011 Group Exhibition Gallery March Collection-Ankara
2011 Summer Mix Sevgi Art Gallery-Ankara
2011 Group Exhibition Altamira Art Gallery-Mersin
2011 Ankart
2011 Ankara Art Meeting
2011 “Haydarpaşa Haydarpaşa” group art exhibition Anadolu University-Eskişehir
2011 New Year Group Exhibition Brush Art Gallery-Ankara
2010 2nd Art Festival Elele Art Gallery-Ankara
2010 Istanbul Art Fair Artist
2010(With Valör Art Gallery)-Istanbul
2010 “Yalvaç Painting Days” Group Painting Exhibition Yalvaç Archeology Museum-Isparta
2010 10th Pisidia Antiokheia Culture Tourism and Art Festival performance-Isparta
2010 Beyşehir Culture and Arts Festival performance and group painting and sculpture exhibition-Konya
2010 Great Art Gathering Bilkent Center Art Street - Ankara
2009 19th Istanbul Art Fair Artist with valor art gallery
2009 “October Parade 8” Sivas Cumhuriyet University-Sivas
2009 Kula Culture and Arts Festival Kula
2008 Group Painting Exhibition Arkiköy Art Gallery Hasanoğlan-Ankara
2008 “Viewing Experiences” group exhibition Contemporary Arts Center-Ankara
2008 Southern 3rd Culture and Arts Festival painting performance-Denizli
2008 International Ihlara-Güzelyurt Summer Academy silk screen painting photography-Aksaray
2008 International Nasrettin Hodja Commemoration Festival performance-Akşehir
2008 İnönü University National Painting Competition Exhibition-Malatya
2008 9th Hasanoğlan Art Festival Hasanoğlan-Ankara
2008 Ecume 2008 Workshop Hacettepe University-Ankara
2008 Gesam Painting Competition Exhibition Themed "Respect for Work and Labor"-Ankara
2008 Ankara Bar Association Painting Competition Exhibition-Ankara
2008 “Neighbour Documenta” Exhibition HU GSF-Ankara
2008 HU GSF Mixed Print Painting Exhibition-Ankara
2007 7th Şefik Bursalı Painting Competition Exhibition-Ankara
2007 Respect for Art Association Painting Exhibition-Ankara
2007 Hasanoğlan Republic Day Painting Festival-Ankara
2006 Sütçüimam University Painting Competition Exhibition-Kahramanmaraş
2006 Çukurova University Painting Competition Exhibition-Adana


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