Hüseyin Macar

Who is Hüseyin Macar?

He does not hesitate to decorate his works with figures that you may encounter in Lake Seyfe, which is within the borders of Kırşehir, where he was born. You can realize that he designed an imaginary geography from the sky filled with clouds emerging from his agile brushstrokes.

Born in Kırşehir in 1960, Hüseyin Macar graduated from Gazi University, Faculty of Education, Department of Painting, Zahit Büyükişleyen Workshop in 1983, and completed his master’s degree in art history at the same university in 1996.

After working as an art teacher in many districts of Ankara for a long time, Macar retired from his position as the Chairman of the Painting Commission in the Culture Commission of the Ankara Provincial Directorate of National Education in 2009, and continues his works in his own workshop. The artist, who participated in many group exhibitions in addition to his personal exhibitions and who does not hesitate to contribute with his paintings to the support of social activities especially for children, has many works in local and foreign collections.

Taking nature as a starting point in his works with its colors and poetic interpretation, Macar reflects the wetland motifs of Anatolia on the canvas with a colorist approach. He generally has a deep understanding of space in his paintings. Macar prefers to prioritize drawing on the traces of the geography in which he lives when expressing his art. As an expression, he does not want to compromise on following his deep-seated desires or the places he came from.

Macar said, “In my understanding of naturalistic art, I always desire to reflect the expression of images with an emotional expression. The real, concrete world reflected in us is now becoming different. I like to take the memories with me and, with a determined expression, wander both myself and the audience in a fairy-tale and poetic world where there is no evil and the figures and motifs in nature predominate. In my works, I see nature as a tool, not a goal. "I am happy to share my feelings with poem-like, folk-song-like pictures," he says.

Hüseyin Macar is an artist who wants to explore the known, memorized and surpassed boundaries, while also showing the results of a colorful change. He likes to take his audience through a dream world and let humanity enter the door of a fairy tale world as he wishes, without violating aesthetic rules.

Look what painter and art critic Celal Binzet says about Hüseyin Macar:

“The Macar is not 100% committed to nature, he goes for great abstraction, or rather turns his painting into colours. There are large spots, wide plans. Large, vivid, bright colors and the light-scale spots within them... These give dynamism to the picture. Hüseyin uses Macar colors with enthusiasm, bright blues, greens, reds, whites, yellows... He finishes the paintings as a color basket containing these.”

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