The painting exhibition titled "Stones and Sounds" by Düzce-based painter Aslıhan Öztürk was presented to art lovers in Bodrum.

Art lovers showed interest in the exhibition that opened for cocktails at Hakan Aykan Culture and Art Center. Aslıhan Öztürk, who opened her first exhibition in Bodrum, said the following in her statement to Kent Haber;

“While I was making these works, I wanted everyone to be able to find something from themselves when they looked at them. I wanted to emphasize the idea that started with my mother's illness, 'being able to accept everything, including goodness and difficulty, we can overcome this'. From what my guests have expressed so far, I have seen that whatever I tried to explain was understood and whatever I drew was noticed. I liked this incredibly. I did not encounter the question "What does this picture say?" Everyone made a comment. I think this is the most valuable thing. All my paintings have a story. “They all have a name.”

Stating that she studied all techniques while painting, Aslıhan Öztürk said, “I used relief, plaster and acrylic in my works here. I used special papers but no extra material. I used my fingers, spatulas and brushes. My works that I think belong to me, that express me with their emotions and feelings. In fact, my paintings are the external reflection of whatever is in my heart and brain. "I'm glad I opened my first exhibition here." said.