Hasan Vecih Bereketoğlu

Who is Hasan Vecih Bereketoğlu? (1895 – 1971 Istanbul)

Hasan Vecih Bereketoğlu is one of the painters of the 1914 Generation. Hasan Vecih Bereketoğlu is the son of Kazasker Bereketzade Cemil Bey. Because his father was a civil servant, he completed his primary education in Egypt.
He completed high school in Rhodes. He studied at Istanbul Darülfünun Faculty of Law. He took his first lessons in painting from Halil Pasha between 1916 and 1920. He was one of the people who supported the establishment of the Fine Arts Union. He spent 1922-1923 in Paris and studied at the Julian Academy.

He returned to Turkey in 1923 and served as the President of the Kadıköy Community Center. When he moved to Ankara in 1943, he became the Presidential Department Manager. He produced still life works during these years. He generally adopted the impressionist approach in his art life and produced works of this type. It was seen that he was influenced by Halil Pasha, Hikmet Onat and Nazmi Ziya Güran in his works on Istanbul and Istanbul values.

He was mostly remembered as an open-air painter with his paintings with views of Fenerbahçe, Kurbağalıdere and Göksu. In these paintings, he did not see the light element as the element that determines color, but presented it with the reflection it created in nature.

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