Hasan Pekmezci

Who is Hasan Pekmezci?

Hasan Pekmezci, the author of the first book in the field of screen printing in Turkey, has a life story full of success. Let’s take a look;
He was born in 1945 in Konya-Beyşehir-Üzümlü Town. He studied primary school in his village. He continued his secondary education at İvriz Teacher Training School. He entered Istanbul-Çapa Teacher Training School in 1962. He became a student of artist educators such as İlhami Demirci, Selahattin Taran, Hidayet Gülen, Enver Naci Gökşen.
He graduated from Istanbul Teacher Training School with the first place in 1965 and was appointed as the teacher and principal of Gözelek Village Primary School in Siverek district of Urfa. He resigned from his job there after three months because he passed the Gazi Education Institute Painting Department exams.
He became a student of Adnan Turani, Nevide Gökaydın, Mürşide İçmeli, Hidayet Telli, Muammer Bakır, Veysel Erüstün, Nevzat Akoral, Kayıhan Keskinok and Turan Erol at Gazi Education Institute.
In 1968, he was appointed as an art teacher at Arifiye Teacher Training School. In the same year, he attended a certified training seminar on Turkish Folklore Research in Istanbul. In this seminar, he took lessons from Vedat Nedim Tör, Cahit Öztelli and Tahir Alangu. His works were selected for the State Painting and Sculpture exhibitions for the first time in 1969. In 1970, he married Şükran Atay-Pekmezci, his classmate from Istanbul Çapa Teacher Training School. Together with his wife, he participated in various juried and selective exhibitions such as the State Painting and Sculpture Exhibitions, as well as DYO, and art events abroad. In 1971, he presented his first personal painting exhibition at Ankara State Fine Arts Gallery.

After working at Arifiye Teacher Training School for seven years, he was appointed as a teacher first in Mardin and then in Çankırı Secondary School in 1975. In 1978, he was invited to teach in the Painting Department of Gazi Education Institute. He established the screen printing workshop for the first time in this school and ensured that this course was included in the programs.
In 1980, he participated in the competition for the preparation and illustration of the Primary Schools Turkish book, together with writers Beşir Göğüş and Şükran Pekmezci, and received the first prize. Five books published in this context were taught in all primary schools in Türkiye. In the same years, he prepared five different Fine Writing books for primary schools.
After 1980, he turned to academic studies. She completed her doctorate in 1985. In the same year, his oil painting "Like a Flower" was purchased by the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts. In 1986-1987, he started working at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting to establish printmaking workshops. He established Engraving, Screen Printing and Lithography workshops here. He served as department head, senate member, and director of the Institute of Fine Arts at this institution until 2012. Associate professor in 1987; She became a professor in 1995.
He founded Printmaking Workshops and gave lectures at METU Industrial Product Design Department between 1985-1991 and at Başkent University between 2009-2011.
After the European Art Schools meeting in Maastricht, the Netherlands, which he attended with the students of Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts in 1993, he organized art tours with the participation of Hacettepe University students as well as students from other universities in Anatolia. A large art tour group was formed under his own name.
He wrote the first book in the field of screen printing in Turkey and published it in 1992. In order to popularize this field, he made practical presentations and conferences both in Ankara and in various provinces and universities. The Serigraphy book developed in 2009 is available in technical high schools; In 2010, it was decided by the Ministry of National Education to teach the pattern book as a textbook in Anatolian Fine Arts High Schools. These two books were taught in all schools by the decision of the Board of Education.
In 2012, he retired from his position at Hacettepe University due to the mandatory age limit. Between 2010 and 2014, he established printing workshops and gave lectures at Gazi University Faculty of Fine Arts.
In addition to his duty as Art Consultant at Halkbank since 2008, he has been working as Art Consultant at the Administrative and Financial Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2010. Work is ongoing to prepare a disciplined inventory of the artwork collection in the domestic and foreign representations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to categorize the works and turn them into publications, with tasks such as maintenance and repair checks.

1979 DYO Honorable Mention
1981 Ministry of Culture Ataturk Revolutions Painting Competition Honorable Mention
1982 Yunus Emre Painting Competition Second Prize
1982 Vakko Ankara Themed Painting Competition Honorable Mention
1982 State Painting and Sculpture Competition Painting Achievement Award
1984 State Sculpture Competition Printmaking Achievement Award
1986 DYO/Viking Printmaking Competition Award
1991 State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition Third Prize
2023 9th Artankara Art Fair Artist Honor Award

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