Hamdi Eser

He was born on 05.07.1970 in Yozgat Akdağmadeni. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Ankara.
1991-1994 He graduated from Ankara, Gazi University, Gazi Faculty of Education, Department of Art Education, Department of Painting.
1995-1998 She worked as an art teacher at Şanlıurfa-Suruç, Sabancı Vocational High School for Girls. She worked as an art teacher at Tınaztepe Primary School in Ankara, Bala District, between 1998-2009.
She has been working as an art teacher at Çankaya Başkent Public Education Center since 2010.

Artistic Events
1992 – Ankara, Çankaya Municipality 3rd National “Smiling Thought” Cartoon Competition Exhibition.
1993 – Ahi Evran Painting Competition, Exhibition.
1994 – Ankara, Batıkent Housing Production Building Cooperatives Association 15th Anniversary, cartoon competition on “Housing and Its Environment”, Exhibition.
1994 – 1st personal exhibition at Ankara Social Insurance Institution exhibition hall.
1994 – BP Young Painters Painting Competition, Exhibition.
1994 – Mevlana Painting Competition, Exhibition.

1995 – 1st Kocaeli Painting Competition, Exhibition.
1996 – Mersin State Fine Arts Gallery 2nd personal exhibition.
1997 – 3rd personal exhibition in Şanlıurfa, Suruç.
2002 – DYO 30th Painting Competition, Exhibition.
2012 - National Lottery, Talih Kuşu Art Gallery, Group exhibition.
2012 - Altındağ Municipality, Exhibition Hall. Hamamönü,4. Personal exhibition.
2013 - Ziraat Bank, Kuğulu Art Gallery, 5th personal exhibition.
2019 – Turkish American Association, group exhibition for the benefit of TEV

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