Gülay Yüksel Kimdir?

Who is Gülay Yuksel?

The documentary “Turkey on the Canvas” has a special place in the successful art life of Gülay Yüksel, who made a name for herself as an artist who made the visually impaired love painting. Here is Gülay Yüksel’s art history:
She was born in Istanbul in 1951.He graduated from Gazi Education Institute, Painting and Crafts Department in 1973.
In the following years, he worked as an art teacher in many high schools in Ankara.
The artist went to Neuwied, Germany, in 1984, and during the three years he lived in the country, he did an internship at a school that provided training in painting and modeling to the visually impaired.
Upon his return to the country, he worked at Ankara Aydınlıkevler School for the Blind for six years, with the desire to put into practice the knowledge he had acquired about the visually impaired. She also gave lectures on this subject at Gazi University Special Education Department.
The artist completed his undergraduate degree at Eskişehir Anadolu University, Faculty of Fine Arts.

In 2000, she started working as a lecturer at METU Fine Arts Department and worked there for seven years. While he was teaching, he illustrated children’s books and designed stained glass in many buildings.
During his student years, he was entitled to participate in the State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition.

She has opened 62 personal exhibitions, including in Germany, New York and London. She has participated in many domestic and international group exhibitions.

She participated in Tescani International art Camp 2000, International Colony of Art Kıcevo 2011, Macedonia, International Fine Arts Colony of Strumicia 2012 -2013 Macedonia.
Two of his works were taken to the George Enescu Museum (Romania), and 5 of his works were taken to the Macedonian State Museum. His works are in the collection of the Ministry of Culture and private collections.
As the painter of the documentary "Turkey on Canvas" broadcast on TRT Türk, his works in 39 episodes are in the TRT collection.
He is a member of the United Painters and Sculptors Association (BRHD), the International Plastic Artists Association (UPSD) and the Visual Arts Educators Association (GÖRSED).
The artist, who has participated in many art workshops held in Turkey, continues his works in his own workshop.


1985 Mayen - Bad Ems - Germany
1986 Wirges - Bendorf - Germany
1987 Worms - Koblenz - Germany
1987 Data Gallery - Ankara
1993 T.E.D Art Gallery - Ankara
1995 Development Bank Art Gallery - Ankara
1995 Arel Art Gallery - Ankara
1995 State Painting and Sculpture Museum - Izmir
1995 Sevgi Art Gallery - Ankara
1996 Desti Art Gallery - Ankara
1996 Visual Art Gallery - Mersin
1997 Anadolu University Pallet Art Gallery - Eskişehir
1998 Gallery Soyut - Ankara
1998 İçel Art Club Gallery - Mersin
1999 METU Plastic Art Festival - Ankara
2000 Gallery Ayda - Ankara
2000 METU Plastic Art Festival - Ankara
2000 Art-İst 10th Art Fair - Istanbul
2001 Ank-Art 1st Art Fair - Ankara
2001 Gallery Plus - Ankara
2002 Art-İst 12th Art Fair - Istanbul
2002 Ümit Yaşar Art Gallery - Istanbul
2002 Ank-Art 2nd Art Fair - Ankara
2002 Gallery Ayda - Ankara
2002 Istanbul Art Fair - Istanbul
2003 Kanat Beyazıt Art Gallery – Istanbul
2003 Sevgi Art Gallery - Ankara
2003 Gallery Sans - Ankara
2003 Gallery Ayda - Ankara
2004 Gallery Ayda - Ankara
2005 Grape Art Gallery - Ankara
2005 Ümit Yaşar Art Gallery - Istanbul
2005 Ank-Art 5th Art Fair - Ankara
2005 ISE Art Gallery - Ankara
2006 Krishna Art Center - Ankara
2006 Desti Art Gallery - Antalya
2006 Altamira Art Gallery - Mersin
2006 Artforum, Krishna Art Center - Ankara
2006 Arel Art Gallery - Istanbul
2007 Om Art House - Istanbul
2007 Ankara White Art Gallery - Ankara
2008 Art-İst Art Fair - Istanbul
2008 Polart Art Gallery – Ankara
2008 Form Art Art Fair Beyaz Art Gallery - Ankara
2009 Bakraç Art Gallery - Istanbul
2009 Dibeklihan Art Gallery-Bodrum
2010 Gallery Selvin-Istanbul
2010 Dibeklihan Art Gallery-Bodrum
2011 Polart Art Gallery-Ankara
2012 Sevgi Art Gallery-Ankara
2012 Ortaköy Art Gallery-Istanbul
2012 Dibeklihan Art Gallery -Bodrum
2013 Fırça Art Gallery-Ankara
2014 Sevgi Art Gallery-Ankara
2015 Abstract Art Gallery-Ankara
2017 Sevgi Art Gallery-Ankara
2017 Doku Art Gallery-Istanbul
2017 Istanbul Surgery Hospital Art Gallery
2019 Istanbul Hilton AYA Gallery

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