Gülay Doğan

Who is Gülay Doğan?

Born in 1987 in Gaziantep, she completed her primary, secondary and high school education in Gaziantep. In 2012, she graduated from Anadolu University Faculty of Economics, Department of Public Administration and completed her first undergraduate education. Later, due to her interest in visual arts, she completed her associate degree in Photography and Videography as a second university in 2015. During this period, he continued to work in the private sector for sixteen years in a managerial position. In 2013, he started to take advanced watercolor and oil painting trainings from Mustafa Bencan Painting Workshop, one of the important and first painters of Gaziantep, as a hobby and with the desire to improve himself. He participated in many group exhibitions with his works. Later on, he continued to receive special trainings at Mehmet Ahmet Bülez-Gaziantep Pattern Workshop and Şehitkamil Art Center Oil Painting Workshop. In addition, thanks to these trainings, he won Gaziantep University Faculty of Fine Arts Painting Department. Currently, as a fourth year student, she continues her academic career successfully in the field of painting. From the first years of his student years to this time, he has produced many oil paintings in different sizes on special orders and has managed to gain a place in the most beautiful corners and hearts of art lovers’ living spaces with his artistic style.

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