Who is Gül Aksoy?

Gül Aksoy is one of the street painters of Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Let’s hear the background of Gül Aksoy, who has been a painter on the streets of Ankara for 14 years, and her painting work to date, in her own words:
“At the age of 8, my right arm and right leg were paralyzed. I couldn’t move and was in trouble. However, with the help of my family, I could go wherever I wanted. Then I had a series of hospitalizations. I was hospitalized. I left school in the 5th grade due to my illness. I was kind of avoiding people. Over time, I got bored of sitting at home. I was bored of not doing anything else and not being able to produce anything. Years passed and I was getting depressed at home and I wanted to do something. I loved examining the paintings and examining the photographs. At this time, I looked for opportunities to paint. During a conversation, my friends suggested that there were painting courses and I should join them. I live in Keçiören, where I attended the painting courses opened by the municipality. 

My first teacher was Filiz Devecioğlu. Later, I took private lessons from Cezmi Orhan, Adil Ocak, Hasan Rüzgar, Meral Anıl, İsmet Çabuk, Veli Bulut and Çoban teacher Süleyman Şahin. I started painting in 2005. 14 years have passed.
I was very excited when I took the brush in my hand and sat down at the canvas. I was afraid and thought I couldn't do it. With the encouragement of my teacher, I started applying the brush to paint and canvas. I was able to finish my first painting in 1 month. Now I can finish such a painting in 10 days. After I started my painting, my environment changed, my perspective on the world changed, I socialized, and I realized that I was no different from normal people. I realized this better that the obstacle is not in the human body, but in the brain. I am currently painting under the tree on Sakarya Street in Kızılay. I want to lead the way in bringing European art to Turkey. Meanwhile, with the contributions of Çankaya Municipality, I started painting on the street.
I painted in a frame workshop for 5 years. What I wanted most was to open my own workshop and finally I opened my workshop. Currently, I have a workshop in Kızılay, Tuna Street Bulvar Passage. I'm taking orders. I give courses to children and adults. I do dry brush technique. I learned this technique from my teacher İsmet Çabuk and I thank him very much.”

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