The Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement Award was given to contemporary artist Nil Yalter and Brazilian artist Anna Maria Maiolino. Both artists were deemed worthy of the award for their lasting impact and significant contributions to contemporary art. The award will be presented at the 60th edition of the Venice Biennale titled "Strangers Everywhere" on April 20, 2024.
Contemporary artist Nil Yalter was awarded the Golden Lion Award by the Venice Biennale.

The Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Brazilian artist Anna Maria Maiolino together with Alter. The award was given to two artists for their lasting impact and significant contributions to contemporary art.

The award will be given to the artists on April 20, 2024, during the opening ceremony of the 60th edition of the biennial titled "Foreigners Everywhere".

“This decision is particularly significant given the title and framework of our exhibition, which focuses on artists traveling and migrating from north to south, across Europe and beyond,” the biennial said in a statement. In this sense, our selection is based on two extraordinary, pioneering female artists who are themselves immigrants and in many ways embody the spirit of 'Stranieri Ovunque—Foreigners Everywhere': Anna Maria Maiolino (Scalea, Italy, 1942, lives in São Paulo, Brazil) Italy' He emigrated from South America, first to Venezuela and then to Brazil, where he lives today; "Nil Yalter (Cairo, Egypt, 1938, lives in Paris, France) is a Turk who migrated from Cairo to Istanbul and from there to Paris, where she lives today."

Both artists will participate in the Venice Biennale for the first time in 2024. Maiolino will present a new large-scale work from his clay sculpture series. Yalter will exhibit a new version of his 1974 work Exile is a Hard Job and his 1973 work Topak Ev.

He was born on January 18, 1938 in Cairo. He completed his high school education at Robert College in Istanbul. Yalter, who became interested in dance, theater and painting in his youth, was also introduced to the art of pantomime at this age. She continued pantomime during her journey to India, where she went on foot.

Moving to Paris in 1965 caused him to be greatly influenced by the French counterculture and revolutionary political movements of the period. The artist, who was particularly influenced by the French feminist art movement, became one of the leading representatives of video art in the 1970s.

She opened her first exhibition in Paris in 1972. She used the nomadic tent she built for this exhibition as a field of inquiry into the fate and space of women. In her later works, she dealt with topics such as nomadism, fluid identity, hybridity, other-identities, gender, and rituals of pre-modern cultures. The use of social sciences such as ethnology and sociology in his work brought his art to a point that made it unique from others. In painting, he was generally influenced by the Russian Constructivism movement.

She continued to produce in an autobiographical style, as she did not hesitate to use her own political thoughts as well as social elements in her works.

Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, National Museum of Women in the Arts, MoMA PS1 and Hessel Art Museum in the United States; Nil Yalter's works have opened solo exhibitions in the world's leading art museums and galleries, such as the Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery in Canada and the Paris Museum of Modern Art in France, and her works include Tate Modern, Istanbul Modern, Center Pompidou, Fonds National d'Art and Museum Ludwig. It is also included in the permanent collections of museums.