Artist Füsun Onur went beyond the common art categories and opened an impressive multifaceted exhibition in Cologne, Germany.

Artist Füsun Onur went beyond the common art categories and opened an impressive multifaceted exhibition in Cologne, Germany. When you step into the personal exhibition hall at the Cologne Ludwig Museum, you are greeted by a deep blue room opened to the right from a large hall. It's like you're in the middle of a sea blue dream. Or a garden with small trees and large flowers made of paper is featured. Here, artist Füsun Onur creates silent space music by combining the natural and artificial worlds. This sculptural installation of the artist can also be thought of as a painting. Blue, which is a frequently repeated color that can also be entered into in Onur's works, appears as the main motif of this exhibition.

When you enter the large hall from the entrance, you come across a plate with Füsun Onur written on the seating surface of the chair wrapped with a chain. The plate refers to and represents the artist himself. There we learn that this work was shown for the first time in the 'Women Artists from the Republic to the Present' exhibition at the Istanbul Archeology Museum as part of the exhibition series called 'Women in Anatolia through the Ages' held in 1993. In this work, Onur thematizes himself as an artist chained to a place he did not choose. In another hall, you see that Onur's childhood years correspond to the period when Germany caused the Second World War. Here, Onur exhibits the work titled 'War Through the Eyes of a Child' for this exhibition, based on his own childhood memories. Füsun Onur's very rich and extensive exhibition can be visited until January 24, 2024.

Born in Istanbul in 1938, Onur is the first Turkish female sculptor to make arrangements for space. The artist, who entered the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts in 1956 for art education, made his first abstract sculpture in the academy graduation competition. Onur continued his education in the USA, where he received a Fulbright scholarship, and graduated from the Sculpture Department of Maryland College of Art University. The artist, who opened his first exhibition 50 years ago, designed almost all of his works with the relationship between space, time and music. His works were shown in many cities and international exhibitions in Istanbul, Paris, Moscow. She was invited to the 2012 edition of Documenta, which featured only three artists from Turkey. His most comprehensive exhibition in Turkey was held at Arter in 2014, curated by Emre Baykal.