Artist Pınar Kanber brings together art lovers with the painting exhibition she created by tracing the traces of Seljuk Caravanserais.

Artist Pınar Kanber brings together the painting exhibition she created following the traces of Seljuk Caravanserais with art lovers at FULAR'T Gallery. The exhibition titled "On the Trail of Caravanserais" can be visited between 9-23 November. Kanber has been conducting research on the Seljuk Caravanserais on the Silk Roads since 2005 and has carried out a study to express this historical and cultural heritage through painting. The fact that the caravanserais, built during the periods when Anatolia served as a gateway and bridge and trade between the East and the West was lively, are doomed to disappear today has deeply affected Kanber. By using painting as a tool, the artist wanted to emphasize the past and raise awareness of the existence of the Caravanserais. In the paintings in the exhibition, Kanber chose to express his realistic architectural approach within a modern art arrangement. He used the object and time finding in order to build a visual bridge between the present and the past. He continued the formal creation of the Caravanserais by making use of techniques such as cold and warm colours, light and dark spots, lines, pouring, pouring, spraying, wiping in places and scraping. Oranges are whispers, reds are screams...

The artist says that art is not only a tool to make people happy, but also a tool to confront the facts, make them think and question. The words he always wants to say and the expressive phenomenon become a driving force throughout the production. The source of his paintings is always the concepts of life and time within the continuity of life. He wants to reflect a world that is a combination of the impressions accumulated in the past subconscious and the present.

Who is Pınar Kanber?

Pınar Kanber was born in Istanbul in 1974. He graduated from Kocaeli University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in 2004. He completed his master's degree at Kocaeli University Faculty of Social Sciences in 2008. Since 2003, he has given art training to adults and children in his own workshop. He also worked as an art consultant in institutions and NGOs. He coordinated European Union Projects in Kocaeli. He worked as an art columnist in the local newspaper in Kocaeli. While working as Art Director at Vehbi Koç Foundation, he implemented hundreds of art, culture and social responsibility projects. He founded a theater club for the hearing impaired and served as its general coordinator. He has research and writings on many subjects, especially Caravanserais. He currently continues his national and international art projects in his own workshop in Istanbul.