The exhibition named "Akış-Flow" opened by BodrumArt Culture and Art Association at Ali Hakan Aykan Culture and Art Center welcomes its visitors.

The exhibition includes works by 36 artists who are members of the association, from different disciplines such as oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, ceramics, illustration, printmaking, photography and poetry. At the opening, which attracted great interest from art lovers, the improvised dance and music performances of the association artists on the theme "Flow" attracted great attention.

BodrumArt Association President Süyüm Bike Güvenç Noris and Honorary President İnci Başağa Yörükoğlu stated the following in their statements about the exhibition:

“In this exhibition, where artists interpret the concept of flow from different perspectives, they question the different forms of life, matter and abstract perception, the speed and density of the flow, differences in vision, the formation of time and space and the movement in this formation. While the movement that exists from the flow carries us from one emotion to another in the rhythm of the moment, life itself sometimes invites us to this flow at its most fixed, concrete or fragile points.”

The exhibition, which includes approximately 40 works, can be visited until June 12.