Ferruh Başağa

Who is Ferruh Başağa? (1914 Karagümrük – 2010 Istanbul)

He was born in Istanbul in 1914. He went to primary school in Yeşilköy, then went to Frerler French College in Kumkapı. 1922-1935 He completed his secondary and technical education (electromechanics) in Yugoslavia.
1936 He entered the Painting Department of Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts. He worked in the workshops of Nazmi Ziya, Zeki Kocamemi and Lêopold Levy.

1940 He was accepted as a member of the Independent Painters Association. 1941 He joined the Yeniler Group. 1945 He opened his first personal exhibition. He participated in the 1945 People’s Party tours. He graduated from the Painting Department of Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts in 1947. 1947-1950 He worked as a civil servant at the Prime Ministry General Directorate of Press and Publication. 1950 He became a member of the Painters and Sculptors Association as its founder.

1950-1971 He continued his work as a freelance painter; He established special stained glass and mosaic workshops. He participated in the 1956 Turkish Grand National Assembly domestic tours. In 1971, he was appointed as a lecturer at the State Academy of Fine Arts to establish the Stained Glass and Mosaic Workshops. 1980 He became a member of the Plastic Arts Association. 1981 He retired.

Başağa, who became interested in geometry in 1980 and stated, "Geometry is a problem. I went beyond the problem and looked for the aesthetics of geometry," aimed to try different possibilities within his own aesthetic understanding in the endless cycle of geometry. Ferruh Başağa's starting with figural abstraction and reaching geometric abstract painting shows that he displays an approach that aims to think about concepts and possibilities at every stage of his art. Başağa followed the concepts brought by the age he lived in and created his unique style by constantly improving his own artistic taste and aesthetic understanding.
Ferruh Başağa participated in many exhibitions and international competitions at home and abroad, participated in various competitions, served as a jury member in various competitions and received awards.

Museums and Collections Where the Artist's Works Are Found
Istanbul Modern, Sabancı Museum, Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum, Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum, Bursa Art Gallery, Balıkesir Art Gallery, Bolu Art Gallery
Many public institutions and private collections in New Delhi, Amsterdam, Paris, Sarajevo, Düsseldorf, Munich, Vienna, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

The Artist's Works in Architecture
Heybeliada Naval Academy: Mosaic
Izmir Ephesus Hotel: Mozaik
Hacettepe University: Mosaic - Ceramics
Middle East Technical University: Stained Glass
Ankara Medical Specialization Institute: Mozaik
Ankara Gülhane Military Medical Academy: Stained Glass
Yapı Kredi Bank Various Branches: Stained Glass
Istanbul Reconstruction Bank: Stained Glass
Balıkesir Secondary School: Mosaic
Ottoman Bank Various Branches: Stained Glass, Ceramics, Relief
Tarabya Hotel: Stained Glass
Levent Site: Mosaic (6 Panels)
Ankara Ziraat Bank General Directorate: Stained Glass, Relief
Turkish Grand National Assembly: Stained Glass, Mosaic
Melahat Şefizade Primary School: (Ziverbey - Istanbul): Stained Glass
Çemberlitaş Şafak Cinema: Stained Glass
Kalamis Girls' College: Mosaic, Stained Glass

International Exhibitions
1946 Exposition International Musée d'Art Moderne, Paris (UNESCO), France
1956 Edinburgh Festival, England
1958 Carnegie Center, New York, USA
1962 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, USA
1962 XXXI. Biennale Internazionale Venezia, Italy
1962 Sâo Paolo Biennale, Brazil
1966 5th Tehran Regional Biennale, Iran
1971 Lahitale Academy, India
1971 Alexandria Biennial, Egypt
1972 Ivéme Festival International de la Peinture, Cagnes-Sur-Mer, France
1977 Turkish Center New York Collection of the Contemporary Turkish Paintings, USA
1982-1983-1984 Basel Kunst Messe, Switzerland
1983 New York Art Fair, USA
1986 1st Asian-European Art Biennial, Türkiye
1987 1st International Istanbul Contemporary Art Exhibitions, Türkiye
2005 Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Prize
1999 Türkiye GESAM Respect and Honor Award
1999 Turkcell Painting Competition Honorary Award
1999 Painters Association Founding Member Honor Award
1998 8th Art Fair Artist 98 Honor Award
1991 Plastic Arts Association Honor Award
1991 Mimar Sinan University Honor Award
1985 Sedat Simavi Foundation Plastic Arts Award
1977 University of Mostar Award
1973 Yarımca Festival Painting Competition First Prize
1970 Turkish Painters Association Foundation Celebration Award
1969 Middle East Technical University Ataturk Monument Honorable Mention
1965 Ankara İş Bank Head Office Stained Glass Competition First Prize
1956 Heybeliada Naval Academy Mosaic Competition First Prize
1949 State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition Ahmet Çanaklı First Prize
1939 Public House competition First Prize and Second Prize

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