Fatma Nazlı Ecevit

Who is Fatma Nazlı Ecevit? (1900 – 1985)

Fatma Nazlı Ecevit, mother of Bülent Ecevit, one of the former prime ministers of the Republic of Turkey, is known for her landscapes, portraits and still natures. Here is the life story of Fatma Nazlı Ecevit;
Coming from a military family, Fatma Nazlı Ecevit graduated from Darulmuallimât (girls’ teacher training school) in 1915 and İnas Sanayi-i Nefise Mektebi (Fine Arts Academy) in 1922.
She worked with Ömer Adil and Feyhaman Duran. Ecevit, one of the first students of İnas Sanayi-i Nefise Mektebi, took a break from painting for a while after his graduation and worked as an art teacher at Beşiktaş Girls Secondary School, Kastamonu, Bolu and İzmit.

In 1922 Dr. After marrying Fahri Ecevit, she settled in Ankara and worked at the Ankara Conservatory. She participated in the State Painting and Sculpture exhibitions with the Union of Fine Arts. He was the president of the Fine Arts Union for a while.

She was given a medal of achievement by the Istanbul Archeology Museum Directorate at the Istanbul Festival Open Air Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics Exhibition.

Fatma Nazlı, the mother of Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit, is known for her landscapes, portraits and still lifes painted with various techniques such as oil painting, watercolor, pastel and charcoal. Ecevit created paintings with a local atmosphere by combining his impressionist color approach with a realistic approach. The artist, who exhibited a free attitude in his landscape paintings, preferred a realistic approach in his portraits. Since the 1970s, she has mostly painted flowers such as carnations, tulips and roses, both in natural environments and in the form of still lifes. In addition to oil painting, there are also pastel, watercolor and charcoal works.

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