Fatih Urunç

Who is Fatih Urunç? (1966 Ankara – 2012 Ankara)

Fatih Urunç graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Communication. He continued his painting works in his own workshop for 12 years. He opened more than 100 exhibitions throughout his life.

Urunç, who was taken to intensive care with a diagnosis of cirrhosis, died of a heart attack on August 8, 2012, and was buried in Cebeci Asri Cemetery.
Fatih Urunç, a graduate of Ankara University Faculty of Communication, started painting at Ankara College when his teacher Eşref Üren made a snow-themed painting, and this passion continued throughout his life. Ankara, Bodrum, Datça, Tire, Ankara ‘Kale’ are the periods of artistic life. He gave many of his works to his friends in exchange for alcohol and accommodation, and even as gifts.

Fatih Urunç’s understanding of art through the eyes of Kaya Özsezgin is as follows;
“Fatih Urunç wants to determine the beginning and ending stages of his painting in the light of instinctive factors, as he feels, within the boundaries of an improvisation process, without the need for any side factors. Habit and spontaneity stand out as the basic values that determine his picture. Symbols, allegorical motifs that connect with the figure, object images and associations are connected to each other with chains to form the organizational order of the composition, and each motif is reinforced with some side elements and directed towards an aesthetics of editing.

Fatih Urunç presents sections of his life to the audience in his paintings. He depicts his joys and fears with his own space and original figures, without imitating anyone. His main subjects are musicians, a blue cat, an owl that constantly gnaws his head, prostitutes, cheerful children, his mother, parks and the famous genie with a red hat. Fatih Urunç portrays his unique emotions with any material he can find and with a harsh attitude. All elements of raw painting can be seen in his works. He created the Legend of Fatih Urunç with his spatula strokes with his left hand, his crazy colors and his plate-shaped signature. The subconscious is sometimes reflected in his works as curses and reproaches. His works are exhibited in Arkas Holding, Dibeklihan Art Village, Sabancı family collection, Christie's Auction (London), Yellowstone National Park Resort (USA), Izmir State Painting and Sculpture Museum and many distinguished art collectors..."

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