Who is Fatih Sarmanlı?

Fatih Sarmanlı, one of the contemporary Turkish painters, is famous as a nature painter. The short life story of Fatih Sarmanlı, who was known as a "spotter" but later turned to the "pointillism" movement, is as follows:

He was born in Bursa in 1960. In 1981, he started painting in his own workshop in Bursa.
He went to Italy in 1993 to do artistic work and visited Florence, Rome, Milan and Venice. He was abroad in 1992 to conduct museum and artistic research.
He has opened many personal and group exhibitions in the country. He continues his work in Beyoğlu Asmalı Mescit.
He is a painter who has kept his art alive without shying away from experiments for more than thirty years. While he was known as a 'spot artist' for many years, he has been turning to "Puantilism" (Pointillism) for a while, opening exhibitions with successful examples of this genre and continuing to create his landscapes with his unique colors.
Our valuable critic Ümit Gezgin says about our artist, who has gained a well-deserved reputation as a nature painter: "He creates aesthetic steps of intuitive devotion to nature in his paintings." He says and defines our painter with the following words: "An artist must also be a seeker; Sarmanlı thinks that an artist who does not pursue a hidden secret and is satisfied with what he finds cannot be a real artist."

1986 – Istanbul Taksim Art Gallery
1988 – Ankara 100th Year Art Gallery
1991 – Istanbul Nişantaşı Yonca Modern Art Gallery
1993 – Istanbul Sandoz Art Gallery
2001 – Gallery Oda Art Gallery
2004 – 7 Art Art Gallery
2007 – Nişantaşı Roof Art Gallery

1989 – DYO Painting Competition
1990 – Esbank Painting Competition
2001 – DYO Painting Competition
2002 – Jockey Club Painting Competition
2002 – Tüyap Exhibition Bahariye Art Gallery

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