The general name of the cultural and artistic events held every year, attributed to a valuable name, was our Master Artist Cüneyt Arkın this year. The first exhibitions of the Cüneyt Arkın Art Season exhibition period are İ. It consists of the Fatih Urunç Private Collection Exhibition, known as Turkey's Picasso, at Hakkı Tonguç Art Gallery and the Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Bodrum Faculty of Fine Arts Faculty Members Exhibition at Yıldız Kenter Art Gallery with the theme of "Associations". The opening of the exhibitions located in two separate galleries will be held on Friday, March 8, 2024 at 18:00 at Dibeklihan Orhan Kemal Square. You are invited to the first exhibition openings of the season at Dibeklihan, which started its exhibitions on a meaningful day such as March 8, International Women's Day.

“I cannot, nor do I want to, tell my readers how to understand my stories. As long as everyone who reads my book finds something of themselves in it.” Hermann Hesse said these sentences for a novel with autobiographical features. He wanted the sentences produced by the world of emotions and thoughts to create a new association in his readers, instead of coming to terms with this world.

The artists of the "Associations" exhibition, just like Hesse desired, want their viewers to find something of themselves when they meet the exhibited works, and that these works, which turn into a visual narrative with associations, create completely different but individual associations in the viewer and turn them into a new narrative. This exhibition, like a passport, allows the artists' own personal mythologies and subjective worlds to pass into this world and invites the images evoked by these very special internal narratives into the viewer's space.

Artists whose worlds we can accompany through the language of painting, sculpture and ceramics: Ayşe Canbolat, Barış Yılmaz, Betül Demir Güneşdoğdu, Burcu Karabey, Canan Zöngür, Deniz Cemal Koşar, Didar Ezgi Özdağ Bardak, Elif Köse Akdemir, Esra Tuncalı Nas and Sevdiye Kadıoğlu. The exhibition titled "Associations", curated by Nevin Yalçın Beldan, is at Dibeklihan Yıldız Kenter Art Gallery.