Devrim Erbil

Who is Devrim Erbil?

Devrim Erbil, who opened countless exhibitions at home and abroad and whose hundreds of works were exhibited in museums, was deemed worthy of the 2019 Presidential Culture and Art Grand Prize in the painting category. The successful artistic and academic background of Devrim Erbil, one of the leaders of abstract painting in Turkey, is as follows:

He was born in 1937, Uşak. After completing his primary education at Balıkesir Gazi Primary School, located on the shady paths of “Çitlembik” trees, as he puts it, and high school at Balıkesir High School, he entered the Painting Department of the State Academy of Fine Arts, now known as Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, in 1955 by passing the aptitude test. He graduated in 1959 as a student of Halil Dikmen and Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu. He opened his first exhibition at the Turkish American Association while he was still a high school student.

He founded the Soyutçu 7’s group with his friends in the same year. He entered the Academy as an assistant in 1962. He took part in the workshops of Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, Cemal Tollu and Cevat Dereli.

After founding the Blue Group with Altan Gürman, Adnan Çoker, Sarkis and Tülay Tura in 1963, he passed the art scholarship exams of the Spanish Government and continued his art research, which he started in Madrid and Barcelona, in Paris and London.

Devrim Erbil, who served as the President of the Turkish Contemporary Painters and Visual Artists Association and the Director of the Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum between 1979 and 1982, became a professor in 1981. He served as Head of the Painting Department at Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts, which he started in 1985, for three years. The artist, who served as department head at Yıldız University Faculty of Fine Arts between 1988 and 1990, was appointed as vice dean of Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts in 1990. He received the title of state artist in 1991. He retired from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2004.

In 2004, his personal museum was opened by Balıkesir Municipality under the name Devrim Erbil Contemporary Art Museum.

After the establishment of screen printing and engraving workshops in the Graphic department of the Academy of Fine Arts, notable artists who grew up in these workshops were Alaettin Aksoy, Aydın Ayan, Hüseyin Bilgin, Gören Bulut, Gül Derman, Güngör İblikçi, Gündüz Gönlönü, Mehmet Güler, Ali Teoman Germener, Süleyman Saim. Tekcan, Zahit Büyükişleyen, Erol Deneç, Nail Peyza, Ergin İnan, Utku Varlık, Mustafa Plevneli, Hasan Pekmezci, Hayati Misman, Fevzi Karakoç, Hüsamettin Koçan, Atilla Atar, Ali İsmail Türemen, Kadri Özayten, Turkish printmaking art with personality It was seen that they made an effort to create it.

The artist was deemed worthy of the 2019 Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Prize in the field of painting. He started to work as the dean of the Faculty of Art and Design at Doğuş University and currently continues his duty as a faculty member. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Istanbul Kemerburgaz University.



Ankara Painting and Sculpture Museum

Ankara National Library Collection,

'Bucharest Museum of Modern Art'

Eskişehir Anadolu University Contemporary Arts Museum

At the Alexandria Museum of Fine Arts

Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum

Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum

Izmir Selcuk Yaşar Museum

Yugoslavia Banja Luka, Umjetnicka Garerija

Minnesota Ben and Abby, Gray Foundation Collection

Public institutions and private collections



1955: October Balıkesir Cultural Association, Children's Library, Balıkesir

1956: Eylül Children's Library Exhibition Hall, Balıkesir

1959: May National Library Exhibition Hall, Ankara

1962: Kasım Municipality Exhibition Hall, Istanbul

1964: February Turkish-German Cultural Center / Istanbul

1967: Nisan Turkish-German Cultural Center / Istanbul

1968: January DGSA Painting Department Exhibition Hall / Istanbul

1968: Nisan Private Culture College / Istanbul

1970: Kasım Galeri-l / Istanbul

1973: February Taksim Art Gallery, Beyoğlu

1973: Mart Kültür College Exhibition Hall / Istanbul

1976: March Aydın Cumalı Art Gallery / Istanbul

1976: December Taksim Art Gallery, Beyoğlu

1977: April Akbank Art Gallery / Izmir

1979: Mart Vakko Art Gallery / Ankara

1980: April Galata Art Gallery / Istanbul

1981: September Akbank Art Gallery / Diyarbakır

1981: October Akbank Art Gallery / Elazığ

1981: December Akbank Art Gallery / Konya

1982: February Akbank Art Gallery / Izmir

1982: February Akbank Art Gallery / Bursa

1982: February Akbank Art Gallery / Istanbul

1982: Mart Turkuaz Art Gallery / Ankara

1982: April Akbank Art Gallery / Istanbul

1982: May Fine Arts Gallery / Eskisehir

1983: February Akbank Art Gallery, Nişantaşı / Istanbul

1983: February Ivaz Art Gallery / Bursa

1984: February Armo Art Gallery / Istanbul

1984: Mart Vakko Art Gallery / Ankara

1984: Ekim Painting and Sculpture Museum / Izmir

1985: February Garanti Bank Art Gallery / Istanbul

1985: July White Art Gallery / Bodrum

1986: October Yeşilköy Art Gallery / Istanbul

1987: Nisan Palet Art Gallery / Eskişehir

1990: February Benadam Art Gallery / Istanbul

1990: May Garanti Art Gallery / Istanbul

1991: April MİD Art Gallery / Istanbul

1991: May Yapı Kredi Kazım Taşkent Art Gallery / Istanbul

1992: March Yapı Kredi Kemal Satır Art Gallery /Adana

1992: Nisan Arda Art Gallery / Ankara

1993: February Yapı Kredi Art Gallery / Balıkesir

1993: October A.Ç.S. Art Gallery / Adana

1993: Kasım İş Bankası Parmakkapı Art Gallery / Istanbul

1994: February Arda Art Gallery / Ankara

1994: May Metropolitan Municipality Art Gallery / Bursa

1994: October Yapı Kredi Art Gallery / İzmir

1995: Ocak Yapı Kredi Kemal Satır Art Gallery / Adana

1995: March Alkent Aktüel Art Galerie / Istanbul

1996: June Ares Art House / Istanbul

1996: October MEB Art Gallery, Bostancıl / Istanbul

1996: Kasım Destek Reasürans Art Gallery / Istanbul

1996: December Ayvalık Art Gallery / Ayvalık

1997: Nisan Mazhar Zorlu Art Gallery, Alsancak / Izmir

1997: October Baykuş Art Gallery / Bursa

1998: February Falez Art Gallery / Antalya

1998: Mart Magnet Art Gallery / Ankara

1998: Nisan Mazhar Zorlu Art Gallery / Izmir

1999: Nisan Çakınberk Art Gallery / Balıkesir

1999: October Gallery Binyıl / Istanbul

1999: Kasım Helikon Art Gallery / Ankara

2000: February Emlak Art Gallery / Istanbul

2000: Mart Emlak Art Gallery / Ankara

2000: March Garanti Art Gallery / Istanbul

2000: October Halkbank Art Gallery / Ankara

2000: October MEB Art Gallery / Istanbul

2000: Kasım Anadolu Univ. Library Exhibition Hall / Eskişehir

2000: December Başak Sigorta Art Gallery / İzmir

2001: January Izmit Metropolitan Municipality. Art Gallery / Izmit

2001: February Axa Oyak Art Gallery / Istanbul

2001: Mart S.Yaşar Art Gallery / İzmir

2002: February Kadir Has Univ. Entrance Hall / Istanbul

2002: March Altamira Art Gallery / Mersin

2002: May Devrim Erbil Art Museum / Balıkesir

2003: April Sirkeci Train Station / Istanbul

2003: September S-Art Surmeli Hotel / Istanbul

2003: December Art Home Art Gallery / Istanbul

2004: February İş Sanat Cultural Center Kibele Art Gallery / Istanbul

2004: June Cey Fine Arts Gallery / Istanbul

2004: December Sabancı Cultural Site State Fine Arts Gallery / Adana

2005: Eylül Art Sümer Art Gallery / Istanbul

2005: December Galeri Artist, Nişantaşı / Istanbul

2005: December Fenerbahce Club Faruk Ilgaz Facilities, Kadıköy / Istanbul

2006: February Dirim Art, Istanbul

2006: Mart Angle Art Gallery, Denizli

2006: Mart Mayısa Art Gallery, Çamlıbel / Mersin

2006: March Devrim Erbil Contemporary Arts Museum, Balıkesir

2006: Nisan Galeri Sans, Çankaya / Ankara

2006: May Anadolu Univ. Library and Exhibition Hall, Eskişehir

2006: May Enka Art Gallery, Istanbul

2006: October Konak Municipality Güzelyalı Culture-Art Center, İzmir

2006: Kasım Ayşegül Bayrak Art Gallery, Istanbul

2006: Kasım Dem-Art, Istanbul

2006: December Teksin Art Gallery, Istanbul

2006: December Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul
2007: January Jazz Now, Bodrum

2007: February Agora AVM Izmir Exhibition

2007: February Helikon Art Gallery, Ankara

2007: Nisan Cey Fine Arts, Istanbul

2007: April Balıkesir Salih Tozan Culture and Art Center, Balıkesir

2007: April Istanbul Modern Arts Gallery, Istanbul

2007: May Art and Life, Marmara Pera, Istanbul

2007: May The Marmara Pera Art Gallery, Istanbul

2007: June GOSB Exhibition Hall, Kocaeli

2007: June Bodrum Kempinski Hotel, Muğla

2007: July Netsel Art Gallery, Marmaris

2007: October Ege University Campus Cultural Center Art Gallery, Izmir

2007: October Çırağan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul

2008: March Dem-Art Art Gallery Arnavutköy, Istanbul

2008: May ÇOMÜ Culture House, Çanakkale

2008: October Ankara Group Art Gallery, Ankara

2008: October Rezan Has Museum Golden Horn, Istanbul

2008: December Ada Evi Art Gallery, Istanbul

2008: December Almelek Art Gallery, Istanbul

2008: December Artium Art House, Istanbul

2009: January Doğuş University, Istanbul

2009: February Bahariye Art Gallery, Istanbul

2009: May Capacity Istanbul

2009: July Bozcaada, Çanakkale

2009: September Diyarbakır Exhibition, Diyarbakır

2009: September Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul

2009: October Devrim Erbil Contemporary Arts Museum, Balıkesir

2009: December Ege University, Izmir

2010: February Ankara Chamber of Industry, Ankara

2010: February S. Yaşar Painting Museum and Art Gallery Alsancak, İzmir

2010: March ARETE Art Gallery, Ankara

2010: Nisan Galeri Işık Teşvikiye, Istanbul

2010: October Contemporary Art Workshop Kültür University, Istanbul

2010: Kasım The Marmara Bodrum, Muğla

2011: February Olcay Art, Istanbul

2011: February Ford Otosan Gölcük Culture and Social Life Center, Gölcük

2011: March Ege University Atatürk Cultural Center Art Gallery, Izmir

2011: April Hacettepe University Art Museum, Ankara

2011: September Sakarya University GSF Exhibition Hall, Sakarya

2011: December Balıkesir University GSF Art Gallery, Balıkesir

2012: February Helikon Art Gallery, Ankara

2012: March Olcay Art, Istanbul

2012: September KAV Art Gallery, Ankara

2013: March Izmir Turkish-American Association, Izmir

2013: June XX.Eşme Culture and Art Festival, Uşak

2013: September Istanbul Kemerburgaz University, Istanbul

2013: Kasım Ekol Sanat, İzmir

2013: December Jewelry-Antique Art Gallery, Ankara

2013: March TR Ministry of Foreign Affairs Suna Çokgür Ilıcak Art Gallery, Ankara

2013: Nisan Ali Çetinkaya Train Station, Afyonkarahisar

2013: May Medica Contemporary Art, Istanbul

2013: September S-Art Sürmeli, Istanbul

2013: Kasım Olcay Art Contemporary Istanbul

2013: December Our Gallery Teşvikiye, Istanbul

2014: Ocak Seven Art Gallery, Istanbul

2014: Mart Arete Art Gallery, Ankara

2014: July Mine Art Gallery Bodrum, Muğla

2014: September Mercedes Mengerler Showroom Bostancı, Istanbul

2015: January Port-Art Art Gallery, Ankara

2015: February Türkan Saylan Cultural Center, Istanbul

2015: February Arda Art Gallery, Ankara

2015: July Mine Art Gallery Bodrum, Muğla

2015: August Devrim Erbil Museum House Bodrum, Muğla

2015: October Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Tophane-i Amire Culture and Art Center, Istanbul

2016: Ocak Abacı Art Gallery, Istanbul

2016: Nisan Ekol Art Gallery, Izmir

2016: August Şevket Sabancı Culture and Art Center, Bodrum, Muğla

2016: October Işık University Gallery, Istanbul

2017: December FArt Gallery, Istanbul

2018: Nisan Ekol Art Gallery, Izmir




1966: Tehran Biennial “Palace Royal” First Prize

1968: Türkiye Contemporary Painters "Young Painters" First Prize

1972: Alexandria Biennale Prize

1973: T.R. 50th Anniversary Ataturk Republic Award

1976: DYO Painting Competition Award

1978: State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition Achievement Award

1982: First Prize at the State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition

1991: Title of State Artist of the Republic of Türkiye

1998: Honorary Membership of the Science and Arts Board of the Kyrgyz Republic

2000: Sedat Simavi Visual Arts Award

2019: Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Prize

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