Who is Cevriye Özgezer?

Cevriye Özgezer, who draws attention with her paintings of Ankara, which has no sea and is called the “Grey” city by one person, is a painter who strives to reveal the colors of the gray city. A short section from Cevriye Özgezer’s life story is as follows:

She graduated from Anadolu University, Department of Philosophy in 2015. . He includes the texture and experiences of the cities he lives in in his works. She tries to reveal the colors and beauties lost in the gray of Ankara. .
Sometimes my paintings try to express the experiences of old houses, the beauty and sincerity of neighborly relations through colors, and sometimes my paintings try to express the feelings we have lost with new buildings and urbanization and the alienation of society.
He was born in 1980 in Dörtyol district of Hatay province. After completing his primary and high school education in Dörtyol, he graduated from Mersin Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture, which he started in 1988. He opened his first personal exhibition at Akdora Art House in 2022 and his second personal exhibition at Gallery Anatolia.

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