Sevgi Art Gallery, which brings together Ankara's art lovers, hosts the exhibition "Women of the Other Side II" by Cengiz Savaş, one of Turkey's leading artists. The exhibition, which will take place between 14 February and 02 March 2024, will take art lovers on a journey into the depths of humanity. Cengiz Savaş, born in 1956 in Uşak's Eşme district, has been known as a name that has shaped the art world for many years. After graduating from Gazi Education Institute, Painting and Crafts Department, Savaş started his teaching career and worked hard to improve his artistic understanding and technique. The exhibition consists of paintings that reflect the artist's characteristic style and center on the theme of "Human". The works, in which female figures play a central role, examine the dominance of the body over the soul and reflect women's personal experiences. In Savaş's paintings, female figures shaped by the rich motifs and color riot of Anatolia offer viewers a deep emotional experience. It is possible to see women's inner questions and their rebellion against the system in the artist's works. While the paintings deal with the mental state and social position of women, they are expressed in a modernist style. While the figures in Cengiz Savaş's paintings express themselves through spiritual and physical deformations, they offer the audience a profound thought provocation. While the exhibition "Women of the Other Side II" offers art lovers the opportunity to travel into the inner world of people, it also represents an important period in the artist's career. Sevgi Art Gallery emphasizes the universal language and power of art by bringing the works of Cengiz Savaş to art lovers.