Cemil Eren

Who is Cemil Eren? (1927 Merzifon – 2016)

The artist, who was born in Merzifon in 1927, studied at Merzifon Cumhuriyet and İrfan primary schools between 1933 and 1939, and then entered Erzincan Military Secondary School in 1939. Due to the Erzincan earthquake, she had to continue her education at Konya Kuleli High School.
Eren, who was interested in music at school, started playing the violin given as a gift by his older brother Haydar. After graduating from secondary school in 1942, he continued his high school education at the same military school. The artist, who started painting with his teacher Şemsi Arel, continued his music studies with Maide Arel.
She also started making sculptures with the guidance of Şemsi Bey. Eren graduated from school in 1945 and entered the Ankara Military Academy in 1946. She attended art and music courses at school with the guidance of art teacher Ali Rıza Bayazıt. Meeting Eşref Üren led the artist to focus entirely on painting. Upon Üren’s suggestion, the two paintings he sent to the State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition attracted the attention of Léopold Lévy.
He started working as an assistant decorator at the State Theaters in 1952. She realized the stage decorations prepared by Turgut Zaim, Tarık Levendoğlu and Sabih Kayan with Hüseyin Mumcu. In 1953, upon the offer of Tarık Levendoğlu, she started working with Heinrich Jencek on the decoration of Anıtkabir Ceiling Frescoes.
In 1955, he received the second prize in the Etibank Central Building side facade relief competitions. Continuing his painting studies, Eren began to use materials such as sea shells, metal pieces, broken eyeglass frames and pieces of fabric in abstract paintings. He opened his first exhibition at the Ankara Turkish American Association on January 5, 1957. In the exhibition, he exhibited all the works he had done until that day. With this exhibition, he attracted the attention of the art circles and made three wall reliefs for the Izmir International Fair Chambers of Industry Pavilion.

The artist prepared fresco mosaic works and oil painting panels for Eskişehir Army Corps, made murals for Kavaklıdere Club 47, and oil painting on panels for Ankara Engineers Association. In 1961, he started writing art articles in Ulus newspaper. In the same year, he participated in the Paris Youth Biennale. There he met Michael Ragon and left his paintings for an exhibition at Gallery Du Fleuve. Eren, who made three screens for the Turkish Grand National Assembly, panels for the Turkish Standards Institute, and murals for the Anafartalar Bazaar, started working in ceramics in 1964.
He prepared his first work for Bünyan Ziraat Bank. He tried making stained glass in a ceramic kiln and exhibited these experiments under the name Glass Impressions. He made ceramic and stained glass panels for Hacettepe Science Center, Ziraat Bank, Şehit Teğmen Kalkmaz Primary School, Arı Cinema, General Directorate of Highways, Bursa Central Bank, Emekli Sanşığı Lale Site and Botaş Yumurtalık Facilities. The artist, who also made ceramics and stained glass works for Çağdaş Sahne and Akün Cinema, opened more than 70 exhibitions at home and abroad.

Domestic exhibitions
1948-1955 State Painting and Sculpture Exhibitions
1955 TBMM Provincial Paintings Exhibition
1959 Five Robbers Exhibition (with Bülent Arel, Jerfi Kayıhan, Manola Vanlı, Oktay Günday) National Library, Ankara
1961 -Painting Exhibition- (Chrstiane D' Estienne, James Pichette), French Cultural Center, Ankara
1979 In Memory of Bedrettin Cömert, Hacettepe University, Bedrettin Cömert Hall, Ankara
1981 -Painting Exhibition- Arel Art Gallery Ankara
1985-1986 Impressions in Glass, (Stained Glass Exhibition), Turkish American Association, with Zeynep Eren.
1992 -Painting Exhibition- (with Zeynep Eren), Kaleiçi Sanatevi Antalya
1997 Group Painting Exhibition, Anatolia Art Gallery Ankara
International exhibitions
Personal exhibitions abroad
1961 -Painting Exhibition-, Gallery Du Fleuve, France; Paris
1978 -Painting Exhibition-, Turkish Art House, USA; new York
1979 -Painting Exhibition-, Panama City Art Gallery; Jordan, Amman
1982 -Painting Exhibition-, Suhail Bisharat Gallery, Jordan; Amman
1983 -Watercolor Exhibition-, Jordan: Aqaba
1984 -Painting Exhibition-, Gallery Franz Mehring, Germany; West Berlin
-Painting Exhibition-, Gallery Anatolia, Germany; Nuremberg
-Painting Exhibition-, Die Volkshochschule der Stadt Münster, Münster
1986 -Painting Exhibition-, Gallery Sztuki wspdlczesnej, Poland
-Painting Exhibition-, Bıuro Wystaw Artystycznych, Poland; Wroclaw
1987 -Painting Exhibition-, Bureau Wystaw Artystycznych, Poland; Bydgosszczy, Poland
-Painting Exhibition-, Poland; Grandchild
1992 -Painting Exhibition-, “Don Quixote”, Sevilla Expo 92-University of Seville, Spain
Group exhibitions abroad
1960 Turkish Graphic Exhibition, Vienna
1961 Paris Youth Biennale, France, Paris
1970 Contemporary Turkish Painting Exhibition, America
1970-1971 Contemporary Turkish Painting, The University Art Gallery, USA, New York.
1972 One World Thru Art, Minnesota State Fair Grounds, St Paul, USA, Minneapolis
1973 -Painting Exhibition-, France, Grass
1981 Turkish Painting Exhibition (Painting Exhibition), Jordan, Amman
Collections of his works
State Painting and Sculpture Museum, Ankara
National Gallery, Amman
Gray Art Gallery, New York
Abby And Gray Foundation, Minneapolis
Banja Luka Museum
Domestic and International Private Collections
1955 Etibank Relief Competition Award
2005 International Ankara Film Festival Çınar Award
2007 Bartın Book Fair Honor Award

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