Celal Tutant

Who is Celal Tutant? (1910-1994)

He was born in Çorlu in 1910. He completed his secondary education at Konya Primary Teacher School. He graduated in 1932. He completed his higher education at Gazi Education Institute, Department of Literature.
She married her teacher Efser İsmail in 1933. He taught in primary and secondary schools. He took painting lessons from Ali Çelebi, Turgut Zaim and Cemal Tollu.
He contributed paintings to state exhibitions starting from 1946. He organized his first personal exhibitions while he was teaching Turkish in Akhisar. He won an achievement award with his painting “Village Wedding” at the exhibition held for the 50th anniversary of the Republic in 1973.
He opened his first personal exhibition in Istanbul in 1963. He retired in 1964. In 1987, he opened a comprehensive exhibition of his old and new paintings at the Kayaalp Art Gallery in Istanbul. He passed away in 1994. His works are in private and institutional collections.

In the 1940s, young artists aiming for a new development in Turkish painting established a painter union called Yeniler. Yeniler aimed to produce paintings by doing research on a subject they determined.
Their goal was to create paintings that reflected the life characteristics of sections of society. They united in the idea that “painting should focus on social realistic values.” The paintings of Celal Tutant, who is a member of the Yeniler Group, are the product of an approach that gives priority to the study of nature over the artistic knowledge of the old masters and is prone to an impressionist palette.

1973 50th anniversary of the Republic exhibition achievement award

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