Canan Aydoğan

Who is Canan Aydoğan?

Sections from Canan Aydoğan’s Life story, which tells a story that extends to infinity in each of the canvases, are as follows;
He graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Academy. Afterwards, he gave workshops on painting in New York and San Diego. He organized an exhibition in the United States. He had a Tehran biennial in Berlin and an exhibition in Italy. His works are in various overseas collections. Along with painting, he still continues to work on bronze and wooden sculptures.

The artist’s brush touches initiate the dance and continue the movement, just like in the imagination of a master choreographer. Thus the mind journey begins…

Each of the canvases tells a story that extends to infinity; Interpretations also increase with the subjectivity of our view. Canan Aydoğan depicts women, life, human relations, confronting moments, disappointments and chaos. These works consist of reflections of the secret inner world of the extremely productive artist. Shapes and colors touch the connection between the inner and outer worlds when they surface.

Canan Aydoğan is a versatile artist; As a painter and art director, he has also continued his work in the field of contemporary dance for the last ten years. He regularly opens exhibitions both in Turkey and abroad.
The artist, who has made art his lifeline in every field, continues his work in his own workshop. Working as the Organization Manager at AKBANK ART Center, Aydoğan's intuitive and free spirit in his painting works is also reflected in the projects he realizes in all fields of art (such as Music, Dance, Theatre, Film).

The artist participated in many group and group exhibitions and later included special projects in his exhibitions. Among these,

1999 Akbank Bebek Art Gallery Solo Painting Exhibition
2001 Akbank- Cinnah Art Gallery Solo Painting Exhibition
2004 Istanbul State Fine Arts Gallery Solo Painting Exhibition
2007 Istanbul Private Saint Benoit French High School Art Gallery (Solo Exhibition)
2007-2011 - Special Project Exhibitions (Domestic and International)
2011 Cadde Bostan Cultural Center (Solo Exhibition)
2012 Cemal Reşit Rey Exhibition Hall (Solo Exhibition) is located.
2012 Italian Consulate Cultural Attache Rome (Solo Exhibition)
2012 Italy – Capranica Chiea San Francesco (Solo Exhibition)
2013 Cemal Reşit Rey Exhibition Hall (Solo Exhibition) is located.

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