Approximately 150 works of painter and poet Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu are exhibited in three separate halls of Dirimart. The exhibition titled Infinite Echo exemplifies the purest form of emotion and passion.

Dirimart welcomes 2024 with the exhibition called "Endless Echo" by Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, who broke new ground in our art. As he approaches the 50th anniversary of his death, nearly 150 works of Eyüboğlu, whose passion was art, were placed in the three halls of the venue after a very meaningful preparation and selection process. The exhibition, where you can see the delicate story of each work, is in a very special place among its contemporaries.

We said that every work has a story because Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu is a master storyteller who is very good with the material and tells his problems through them. The exhibition, which opened in the Dolapdere branch on two floors of Dirimart Pera, differs in terms of content and medium. However, since the works are interconnected, we understand that Eyüboğlu established an artistic network among his paintings.

The first work is the artist's pencil drawing dated 1928. In fact, the gallery has divided the works according to theme and material practices. Such as charcoal wall, nude wall, pattern wall, abstract works. This was a choice that also offered a retrospective viewing experience. After the first works, we look at the artist's very important painting called "Hamam". This picture brings Eyüboğlu first place in his Academy graduation.

His wall of nudes exemplifies what a passionate lover he is. "Black Mulberry", which still lives in his poems, comes to life here in the festive games of colors. It is impossible not to admire the beauty of the female figure; We learn that the painting is none other than Mari Olmazyan, one of the first female sculptors who inspired the artist in many ways. The woman in “Abduction” is Olmazyan herself.

When describing the painter, it is necessary to talk about certain forms rather than certain periods. We see him working on the same figures, subjects and embroideries over and over for decades. The fish figures and the maya birds drawn by Adalet Cimcoz for the logo of Maya Gallery take the lead. “A Half of the Islands Comes to Us” is a masterpiece with both the connection it establishes with other paintings and the story of the process after it was made.

In the 50s, he shifted to abstract painting by applying original techniques in the United States. His works emphasize color rather than figures; Sawdust, sand, gravel, glue and crumpled Japanese paper also add different dimensions and textures. Reflecting traditional Turkish motifs on the surface with modernist methods, the artist discovers "writing", a folk art, and this perhaps becomes a turning point in his life.


The lounge at Dolapdere is truly breathtaking. This place hosts quite large and magnificent works on its walls compared to other works. In the exhibition where artistic expression reached its peak between 1950 and 1970, where 7-10 meter works filled the space, huge paintings such as "Ebabil Bird" and "Karagöz's Ship" were placed in suitable spaces. His sculptures called “Home Demons” also shed light on different aspects of the artist's career.

Infinite Echo will continue until January 21 in three different halls of Dirimart.