The exhibition of the Hungarian art community "ArtOf3", which has a common view of art and the world, opened at the Liszt Institute-Hungarian Cultural Center.

In his speech at the opening of the exhibition, Liszt Institute-Hungarian Cultural Center Director Aron Sipos said that he was very happy with the adventure they went on with the artists due to the exhibition.

Stating that the exhibition offers an experience that saves visitors from the rush of fast-paced times, even for a short time, Sipos said, "I would like to thank them for sharing their life experiences with us through their art and allowing us to see the world through their eyes for a few frames." he said.

"We invite you to a journey"
Painter and photographer Adam Balogh underlined that they invited visitors to a journey with the exhibition.

Pointing out that there are both photographs and paintings in the exhibition, Balogh said, "When we talk about internal and external journeys, we must also mention the Sufis. Because they are the masters of these dual journeys. They wandered freely in the world of limitlessness. They gave signs everywhere and did not believe in coincidence." said.

Balogh stated that every part of the world is sacred and there are signs of this everywhere, and said:

"The people of our age will still have to learn to travel in this mapless world. Seeing behind the curtain, being able to look from our hearts and giving everything are things we have to learn. In this way, if we encounter an angel by chance, then we will not be surprised."

"My paintings reflect my spiritual freedom"
Painter Beatrix Kelemen stated that speaking in front of the participants is a great opportunity to share information about the works and said, "My paintings reflect my spiritual freedom. Because painting gives me such an opportunity. My true belief in God is hidden in them." she said.

Stating that he does not put some of his works up for sale, Kelemen said, "This work shows me what kind of perspective I should have towards life. In other words, it shows the talent I have been given. As I look at it, I am reminded of how and what I should do." She made her assessment.

Painter Tamas Csato stated that visitors at exhibition openings often ask "how he can paint so beautifully" and pointed out that in art, as in every job, only doing a job consistently can lead to success.

At the concert held after the speeches, Deniz Yurdakul on double bass and Sarper Kaynak on piano took the stage.

The concert, in which the musicians performed the "Sonata in E minor", dedicated to the Hungarian double bass master Lajos Montag by his brother Vilmos Montag, who was commemorated on the 26th anniversary of his death, received applause from the participants.

The works of Hungarian artists in the exhibition can be seen until February 15.