A 30-year selection of famous artist Erkin Keskin's award-winning works will be on display at Valör Art House.

The 30-year selection, which will offer the opportunity to observe artist Erkin Keskin's journey in the art of engraving, meets art lovers at Valör Art House.

Seçkin's 30-year selection will be exhibited at Valör Art House between 11 November - 2 December 2023.

In the exhibition, 10 mixed media paintings on canvas, 42 printmaking, 25 ex-libris, 4 ceramics and 1 original screen work, including works that have won awards and have been exhibited in national and international competitions, biennials and triennials, will be presented for viewing. The exhibition will offer art lovers the opportunity to observe Erkin Keskin's journey in engraving art.


Keskin is one of the leading names in original printmaking and ex-libris art in Turkey. The artist, who was born in Bursa in 1959, works as a lecturer at Uludağ University Faculty of Fine Arts. In his 30 years of art life, the artist has created images that reveal people's lifestyle and way of thinking in an abstract expressionist style, using traditional printing techniques. The artist's works are full of magical masks, semi-intelligible images and abstract forms.

The artist has also developed his own form of expression by transforming the materials he uses. It should also be noted that the artist is a name known for his achievements nationally and internationally. The artist has won awards in many competitions and biennials.

In addition, he contributed to the development of ex-libris art in our country and created a unique ex-libris style.