The exhibition, which is one of the intermediate stops in the artist's artistic journey, will be open to visitors between 30 November and 3 January 2024, hosted by academician Zeynep Öztürk.

Zümrütoğlu, who expands and develops the relationship he establishes with paint in his paintings, also produces works by switching from two-dimensional to three-dimensional in his sculpture works.

Making a statement to the AA correspondent regarding the exhibition, DG Art Gallery & Projects founder Dursun Gündoğdu said that they have organized 3 exhibitions with Erdoğan Zümrütoğlu so far, and "Everyone and Nobody" is the fourth.

Pointing out that Zümrütoğlu is a very valuable artist, Gündoğdu said, "He is an artist known both in Turkey and abroad. We are making an effort to endear art to society. We are working hard for this. We have gone on a journey together with all art lovers. I hope this journey is long." It continues for a while." said.

Emphasizing that their vision is to introduce Turkish artists to the world, Gündoğdu said, "Hopefully, we will do our best to achieve this. After Erdoğan Zümrütoğlu, we are bringing a world-famous artist of African origin to Turkey. We will open his exhibition in January." he said.