Türemen's exhibition can be seen at Arnavutköy, Gallery Selvin between 24 May and 30 June.

The "Shy Festival" exhibition of Ali İsmail Türemen, Turkey's important painting, engraving and sculpture artist and one of the founding professors of Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts, is opening at Gallery Selvin, Arnavutköy.

In the exhibition, Ali İsmail Türemen's poems, which he calls "Word Orders", as well as some of his nude paintings from the 1960-1990 period, will be presented to art lovers between 24 May and 30 June.

Türemen, also known as the painter of blue, explains the limitlessness of blue in his works and says, “Blue means freedom and wisdom for me. It is everywhere in life; if you say sea, clouds, if you say clouds, soil, if you say soil, those huge meadows will be offended. Blue cannot be limited. She is also very fertile and carries me forward with love. "Not every color carries it, no matter what you do to yellow, it doesn't carry it," he says.