Painter Ahmet Yeşil's new personal exhibition titled "Traces", which promises a visual feast for art lovers, features well-known figures from the art world such as Bedri Baykam, Yusuf Taktak, Bubi, Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu, Meriç Hızal, Çerkes Karadağ, Server Demirtaş, Denizhan Özer, Nazlı Pektaş. It was opened at Brieflyart Gallery with a special invitation attended by famous people.

Brieflyart bids farewell to 2023 with Ahmet Yeşil's personal exhibition titled "Traces". The "Traces" series, which consists of the recent works of Ahmet Yeşil, who has opened many exhibitions at home and abroad, participated in group exhibitions and has works in important collections, are multi-layered, polyphonic works, as in his other works. In fact, the artist does not set out to convey the traces of his emotions when creating his works. All these emotional memories, accumulations, experiences, longings, passions, excitements, thoughts, pains and happiness that he melts in the emotional pot are reflected on the canvas in harmony with the rhythm of the brush during the formation of the painting. When the painting is finished, this rhythmic harmony causes the artist to ask brand new questions to himself. The artist, as well as the viewer, searches for answers to dozens of questions in front of the painting. The painting is now a sea of emotions. Traces have turned into images. Now the viewer begins to see his own reality, his own emotional storms among these images. In the background, the artist watches both his own painting and those viewing his painting.

“An ingeniously constructed way of remembering our losses and our identity.”

Art writer and critic Dr. who wrote the exhibition catalogue. Lecturer Member Fırat Arapoğlu describes Ahmet Yeşil's "Traces" series with the following sentences: "The use of color, composition and theme are of indispensable importance in Ahmet Yeşil's works. The beauty of nature and transitions are masterfully captured. Thus, the transformation of nature, vital continuity and the inevitable are skillfully depicted in the artist's works. This is similar to how Friedrich Nietzsche associated the trace with the idea of eternal repetition, the idea that everything that has ever happened will be repeated an infinite number of times. In addition, Ahmet Yeşil's works contain a sometimes romantic and even melancholic beauty and peace. But on the other hand, it is about losses and longings. Forms using pale color represent traces of something or someone that has been lost. This marks the death of a person, the end of a relationship, or the unfulfillment of a dream. Thus, beyond associating the trace in Plato's Phaedrus with writing, which he sees as a pale and imperfect imitation of the spoken word, Ahmet Yeşil skillfully makes the trace visible. “This is an ingeniously constructed way of continually remembering our losses and our identity.”

“A visual feast”

A visual feast awaits art lovers at the "Traces" exhibition, whose exhibition coordinator is art editor Ümmühan Kazanç. Kazanç described Ahmet Yeşil's exhibition as follows: "In order to understand, sense and feel Ahmet Yeşil's art and the extraordinary plastic language and visual feast he created, it is enough to spend some time in front of his canvases that draw you in with their extraordinary naturalness. "You will understand the pictures, and the pictures will understand you..." he explains.