Abidin Elderoğlu

Who is Abidin Elderoğlu? (1901 Denizli -1974-Ankara)

After graduating from Denizli High School in 1917, he followed Çemberlitaş Ruhi Arel and İbrahim Çallı Workshops in 1922. He started attending Izmir Teacher Training School in 1924, and then transferred to Istanbul Teacher Training School. In 1930, he won a scholarship and went to Paris and studied painting at the Academie Julian.
During this period, Elderoğlu worked in the workshops of Albert Laurens and Andre Lhote. After returning to Turkey in 1932, Elderoğlu was appointed as an art teacher at Izmir Teacher Training School, and continued his artistic activities in parallel with teaching in the following years.
He retired in 1954 and settled in Ankara. The artist, who held national and international personal exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions, was deemed worthy of the Honorary Award at the São Paolo Biennial in 1963, the Imperial Grand Prize at the Tehran Biennial in 1966, and the Achievement Award of the State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition in 1975. .
“My art, with the aim of providing the abstraction of painting, was created by imposing the effectiveness of plastic elements such as color, shape, light-dark and half-darkness, in return for the sounds in music being applied according to their function. My paintings are for listening with the eye, without being caught up in searching for a reason or subject. The problem is to get away from the subject, to create a plastic musicality without a subject…

It can also be said like this: The aim is to create chaos. This is achieved by reorganizing the elements of the picture in this direction, assigning them effective tasks, or placing effective plastic elements appropriate to the tasks. If there is a world of art that has been formed and developed on the subject until today and we admire them, their emotional value is not only due to their dependence on the subject. The subject weakens the sense and meaning of art. His own pure emotionality cannot break free. The weight of the body prevents it from flying higher. I saw it this way, and because I understood it that way, I continued to strive on this path with faith. I have now reached the situation seen. ”
“Abidin Elderoğlu is an old Turkish painter. However, Elderoğlu, who has overcome many experiences and has a magical power, has created a picture unique to himself. He draws meaningful long lines on the canvas. He gave a conscious ray to the decorative and solemn legendary writing of the East, full of innate inspiration. It can be said that he thus created a brand new source of inspiration; He united the East with the West with undeniable skill. „
Personal exhibitions
1932: Denizli Community Center, Denizli
1948: Istanbul French Consulate Exhibition Hall
1948: Izmir French Consulate Exhibition Hall
1955: Helikon Association, Ankara
1956: Turkish American Association, Ankara
1957: Abstract Painting, National Library, Ankara
1959: Personal Exhibition, Balıkesir
1960: Ankara French Cultural Center
1961: Club Urbis, Madrid
1962: Ankara German Library
1962: Istanbul City Gallery
1962: Izmir Turkish American Association
1963: Izmir Turkish American Association
1964: Solo Exhibition, Paris
1965: Ankara Turkish American Association
1965: Gallery of Santo Stefano, Venice
1968: Ankara State Gallery
1973: Ankara State Fine Arts Gallery
2005: Abidin Elderoğlu, Galeri Selvin, Ankara
2018: Creation of Another Moon, Dirimart, Istanbul
Group exhibitions
1936: Izmir Painters Collective Exhibition, Izmir
1941: State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Ankara
1944: State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Ankara
1945: Aegean Painters Exhibition, Izmir
1962: State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Ankara
1963: São Paulo Biennial
1963: Contemporary Turkish Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Brussels; Paris; Berlin; Vienna
1966: 5th Tehran Regional Biennial
1967: Museo d'Arte Moderna Enzo Pagani, Milan
1972: Cagnes-sur-Mer International Painting Festival
1963: Honorary Prize, São Paulo Biennale, Brazil
1966: The Great Prize of Imperial Court, 5th Tehran Regional Biennial, Iran
1972: Prix National, Cagnes-sur-Mer Biennial, France
1974: State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition Achievement Award
Ankara State Painting and Sculpture Museum
Demsa Collection, Türkiye
State Painting and Sculpture Museum
Dr. Nejat F. Eczacıbaşı Foundation Collection, Istanbul
Huma Kabakcı Collection, Istanbul
Izmir Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University
Painting and Sculpture Museum Collection, Istanbul
T.R. Presidential Collection, Türkiye
T.R. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Collection, Türkiye
T.R. Ministry of Culture and Tourism Collection
Türkiye Akbank Collection, Türkiye
Türkiye Ziraat Bank Collection

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