Who is Abidin Celal Binzet?

The art life of Abidin Celal Binzet, whose paintings are constructed with a figurative approach and reflect the reflections of a world based on environmental impressions, is quite colorful. Binzet, who has had 29 personal exhibitions to date, has also taken active roles in art non-governmental organizations. Here is the life story of Abidin Celal Binzet;

In 1960, after completing his primary education at Adıyaman Cumhuriyet Primary School, his birthplace, he was a student of painting teacher Emrullah Bulurman, now known as visual arts, in middle school and high school for six years. The artist, who graduated from Adıyaman High School, which is under the same roof as the secondary school, in 1966, completed the Gazi Education Institute Painting Department in 1971 as students of workshop teachers Adnan Turani Mürşide İçmeli, Nevzat Akoral, Hamza İnanç, Burhan Alkar.

Likewise, benefiting from Turan Erol’s artistic views, Binzet worked as an art teacher in different schools for a while, now called Visual Arts. He graduated from the Public Administration Institute of Turkey and the Middle East with his master’s thesis on “City and Plastic Arts”. He completed his undergraduate studies at Gazi University in 1988. During his time as a graphic designer at the Film-Radio and Television and Education Center, he carried out various works such as storyboard graphic designs and cartoons, in addition to works related to the education generation of television.

During the period in question, he received First Prize with one of his cartoons and the Cartoonists Association Special Award with another. He served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Painters and Sculptors Association (BRHD) between 1996 and 1998. Archived 7 August 2020 at the Wayback Machine. The artist, who also worked as a lecturer at Gazi University between 1998 and 2002, has participated in many group and group exhibitions, especially the State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition.

He has had a total of 29 personal exhibitions to date. Starting from the year he joined, he took part in the exhibitions organized by the association every year. In 2009, he participated in the establishment of Çorum City Museum and presented his paintings created with his impressions of the city as a gift to the museum after exhibiting them. In 2010, he attended workshops at Eskişehir Anadolu and Giresun Universities and Gaziantep, Bartın, Karadeniz Ereğli, Konya and Ordu. He discussed his views on current problems of art in panels, panel discussions and interviews related to his field. He made radio and television programs.

The main theme in his paintings is chosen from nature, and the views are rendered with wide spaces and a clear understanding of color. In his paintings, which are constructed with a figurative approach, reflections of a world can be seen based on environmental impressions. Arrangements dominated by plain color schemes make themselves heard together with selected natural elements.

Binzet, one of the founding members of the Contemporary Arts Foundation (ÇAĞSAV), has been exhibited abroad in England, Mexico, Sweden and France, as well as in the Turkmenistan State Museum; domestically, the Ministry of Culture, Ankara State Painting and Sculpture Museum, Central Bank, Şekerbank, Emlakbank, Vakıfbank, Ziraat Bank, Akbank, Turkish-British Cultural Association, Gazi Museum, Çorum City Museum, Anatolian and Giresun Universities, Eskişehir, Gaziantep Sanko Holding and Ordu. He has works in many private collections and official institutions and organizations such as.

Catalogs containing his paintings have been published by different galleries. The artist, who also undertakes the production of programs related to his field on radio and television, publishes many review articles in newspapers and magazines in which he deals with art problems and examines them from different aspects. The artist is a founding member of the Contemporary Arts Foundation (ÇAĞSAV) and a member of the United Painters and Sculptors Association (BRHD), of which he was the chairman of the board for a while, and continues his work in Ankara.


1986 Turkish-British Cultural Association Ankara

1986- İş Art Gallery Ankara

1987 Turkish-British Cultural Association Ankara

1988 Akbank Çankaya Art Gallery Ankara

1988 La Fémmé Art Gallery Ankara

1989 Vakıfbank Çankaya Art Gallery Ankara

1993 Emlakbank Art Gallery Ankara

1993- Sappho Art Gallery Ankara

1996 Şekerbank Art Gallery Ankara

1996 Sevgi Art Gallery Ankara

1997 Gallery MD Adana

1998 Artium Art Gallery Ankara

2000 Ada Art Gallery Ankara

2001 Sevgi Art Gallery-Ankara,

2003 Abstract Art Gallery Ankara

2003 Jewelry, Antique Art Gallery, Ankara

2005 Abstract Art Gallery Ankara

2007 Atlas Art Gallery Ankara

2008 Gallery Gözde Ankara

2010 Cultural Center Bartın

2010 Vakıfbank Atakule Art Gallery Ankara

2011 Cumhuriyet Cultural Center Ankara

2012 Gözde Art Gallery (Far Island) Ankara

2014 Sevgi Art Gallery Ankara

2014 City Art Gallery Ankara

2015 Sanko Art Gallery Gaziantep

2016 Fırça Art Gallery Ankara

2016 Bayındır Hospital- Atatürk Boulevard Ankara

2019 Sevgi Art Gallery- Ankara

Selections from catalogs containing his works

2019 BRHD 49th Anniversary show catalog

2018 BRHD 48th Anniversary exhibition catalog

2017 BRHD United Painters and Sculptors Association 47th Anniversary Exhibition Catalog

2016 BRHD United Painters and Sculptors Association 46th Anniversary Exhibition Catalog

2015 BRHD United Painters and Sculptors Association 45th Anniversary Exhibition Catalog

2014 BRHD 44th Anniversary Exhibition Catalog

2013 BRHD 43rd Anniversary Exhibition Catalog

2012 BRHD United Painters and Sculptors Association 42nd Anniversary Exhibition Catalog

2011 BRHD United Painters and Sculptors Association 41st Anniversary Exhibition Catalog

2010 BRHD United Painters and Sculptors Association 40th Anniversary Exhibition Catalog

2009 BRHD United Painters and Sculptors Association 39th Anniversary Exhibition Catalog

2021 2021- "Victory of the Republic Exhibition" Exhibition Catalog Victory Bazaar Fine Arts Gallery

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