The painting exhibition with the theme of "Looks", opened by painter Abdurrahim Güney at SANKO Art Gallery on October 27, 2023, continues.

Stating that painting is a way of life for both himself and his family and that he has been painting for more than 40 years, Güney said that he focuses on eyes in his works. Noting that he also paid attention to the color and tone connection between the background and the portrait, Güney pointed out that by depicting the portrait in front of a colorful background, by using contrasting colors appropriately and in moderation, he strengthened the connection between the viewer and the painting by making the expression dominant on the canvas.

Expressing his satisfaction in bringing his works to the art lovers of Gaziantep, Güney's "Looks" themed painting exhibition, consisting of 22 works painted with acrylic paint technique on canvas, will be held at SANKO Art Gallery in SANKO Park AVM, every day between 10.00-22.00 until 17 November 2023. can be visited between.

Abdurrahim Güney was born in 1969 in Pasinler, Erzurum. He graduated from Atatürk University Kazım Karabekir Faculty of Education, Department of Art Teaching. He completed his master's degree at Akdeniz University Fine Arts Institute. The artist, who has opened 12 personal exhibitions, has 16 national and international awards and many paintings and works in private collections. The artist, who continues his artistic activities at the Southern Academy of Fine Arts, works as an art teacher at Antalya Atatürk Anatolian High School. The artist, who was influenced by many art movements, states that expressionism influenced him more, especially because he blended his emotions, excitement, and joys with his inner world and transferred them to his canvases.


The subjects of his recent works are female portraits and horses. He uses horses in his works based on the importance of horses in Turkish culture, the anatomical perfection of the horse, and especially the saying in Turkish society that horseshoes are good against the evil eye. Especially in portraits, he uses fantastic fiction and deformation, transforming the expressions in the eyes into a narrative language and trying to establish a bond between the viewer and the painting. The artist uses supporting figures in his works to increase the impact of female portraits on the viewer, and considers flowers, butterflies, foams and bubbles as parts of his subjects. The artist, who loves to integrate the magical beauty inherent in women with butterflies, which we know with their short and mysterious life story, is another beautiful thing. Based on the idea of "can't there be a butterfly but not a flower?", the artist integrates these figures with his own style of expression and produces works that the audience will enjoy.