It hosts Fatma Tülin's exhibition "Modus Vivendi - A State of Life" between 23 November and 23 December 2023.

At this stage of the artist's line, which he has developed by preserving his thematic integrity since his early years, for the first time there are two large sculpture works in conjunction with his paintings. This painting-sculpture combination in the exhibition can be viewed as an ontological continuation of the features seen in F. Tülin's major works. The artist's perception of form, reminiscent of sculpture in the world of images, is embodied in these three-dimensional works that will be viewed for the first time.

It is possible to see the desire to go beyond the ordinary and blend into the space, which is observed in the artist's previous giant-sized works, in his work consisting of a single canvas titled "Stories from the Face of Water", which is 450 x 210 cm in size.

Questioning the form of existence, settling accounts on intellectual grounds, and intervening in the view and perception of the object, which are the main issues of Fatma Tülin's painting, gain effective concreteness in the works in this exhibition.