Showing how he captures the cycle of life with his art and how he reflects the traces of time in his works, Jochen Proehl's 'SKINS FROM LINES' exhibition meets contemporary art lovers at Adas between 8 May and 30 June.

Realized as the third exhibition of a series covering Jochen Proehl's three main artistic areas of work, SKINS FROM LINES conveys the artist's large-form drawings, emotional richness and creativity through art. For the artist, who states that even inconspicuous shapes that are barely noticeable in daily life in the city can be a starting point for his art, this starting point has always been Istanbul, where he spent his childhood and youth and where he lives again...

Approximately 50 works in the exhibition, mostly large format, mostly 60x82 cm in size, reflect the development and current state of Proehl's patterns, from his previous approaches to his newest works created this year. Pattern studies are not a stage for Proehl's painting or photography productions, on the contrary, they are just one of the techniques he uses.

Traces in the Soil in Jochen Proehl's Art

Traces and torn soils resulting from construction works or archaeological excavations in the city are the most important starting point for Jochen Proehl's stylistic decisions. In places, very dense layers of hatching and lines in the patterns lie like a membrane over the wounds on the ground. These forms then transform into timeless fictional landscapes or abstracted geographies. This meticulous look at the transition from micro to macro makes us think that each work is actually a part of a huge whole, starting from a small piece of land and transforming into familiar yet distant landscapes.

Describing the soil as the place of the oldest myths and worldviews of civilizations, Proehl adopts the chthonic cycle, which means the view that all life comes from the soil and the lived life returns to it again.

In his designs, the artist creates countless layers of lines on top of each other using graphite and colored pencil on white paper. In these works, which are drawn with great movements and require physical strength, the layers of lines, in a sense, heal the wounds inflicted by man's intervention in the soil. The artist creates color areas of unexpected depth from pencils that slowly and steadily transfer the color pigments at their tips to the paper, and this unusual use gives the patterns a pictorial impression.

Stating that the years that brought Jochen Proehl to Istanbul, Anatolian colors and the rapid construction of his youth created and influenced his current art, the artist says: “My art brings together abstract and objective elements, while opening the doors of a different world to the viewers. I offer you the chance to discover big landscapes by starting from small and unnoticeable details in daily life. Although the mark left by a shovel in the sand seems to reveal the secret of nature, it actually represents a journey into the depths of life. My works offer viewers a familiar yet extraordinary experience as they navigate freely between different realities. Even the destructive elements in this adventure sometimes create a healing effect. And the most special thing is that this art journey started in Istanbul; “This city is a source that constantly inspires me and directs my art.”

Those who want to witness how Jochen Proehl masterfully reflects the relationship between time and space, abstract and concrete in his works can visit the SKINS FROM LINES exhibition at Adas between Tuesdays and Saturdays between 11:00 and 18:00 until June 30.